The Necromancer's Gamble - Best Book Marketing Review

How do you become #1 Best Seller: Book Marketing…Reinvented? The rules of contemporary book promotion have changed, and the old rules don’t apply anymore. A whole new era of the book promotion is upon us….an approach where authors are real, engaging, and authentically engaged with their audiences. Authors like Bryan W Heathman are redefining the rules. This author has helped create phenomenon after phenomena-books like “The Damned United,” “The Necromancer,” “Open Source,” “The Necromancer’s Gamble”, and “The DaVinci Code.” Not to mention the hundreds of smaller works that he has written books about, everything from business skills to astrology to alternative healing.

It’s been said that Bryan W. Heathman knows his audience. If you’re someone who has been looking for a great new author with an interesting concept and who is also highly skilled at writing, then you should definitely check out “The Necromancer’s Gamble.” It is sure to be a best seller for a very long time to come. But the question remains: How do you get there? What makes a bestseller?

As an author, I agree that having a quality product is key, but to me, it is not enough. To earn the top spot is not only a great accomplishment, but it is also a testament to Bryan’s writing abilities. His ability to engage readers will help you if you are ever in the same position. His creativity is remarkable, and he knows how to make a good story. He brings out the best in writers, and I think his success is owed to all of that creativity and ingenuity. But you can only appreciate it when you actually experience it with yourself…so go out there, read his books, and see for yourself what an original thinker and storyteller Bryan W. Heathman are.

The story in this second book in the #1 Bestseller: Book Marketing…Reinvented series centres around Bryan’s quest to find and qualify for a college grant. He teams up with another author, privately funded, to get the grant. It all turns out to be more complicated than originally anticipated. You won’t believe it!

The plot and the way Bryan learns to adapt to his new circumstances and become an involved part of the plot make this Book Marketing so great. Bryan has kept readers in stitches throughout the entire book. His dialogues are witty and memorable, and his descriptions of old buildings and local scenes are truly captivating.

#1 Bestseller: Book Marketing…Reinvented is Bryan W Heathman’s third book in his epic series based on his life. This time around, he has teamed up with author J. Wes Watson to create a three-book series based on the characters from his past two books. Together they have created something that fans of Bryan’s books will enjoy. The books’ covers are stunning and will sell like crazy when fans of Bryan’s work know where to look. No doubt they will also want to read more about the characters and perhaps find out how they came to be the novels’ author.

This is a wonderful opportunity for someone just starting in the publishing business. Bryan’s previous Book Marketing was successful because he has developed an audience for his writing. He has done so again, and those who don’t already own his books are likely to do so very shortly. With sales like these, I would think any author would be proud to claim the #1 Best Selling Book title. It’s a fantastic honour and one I am sure that J. Wes Watson is pleased about.

So, you might be saying to yourself, “Why the big deal? I’m only selling one book.” That’s okay. If you’re really interested in becoming an author, and making your own imprint, then this is the step you should be waiting for. If you love books, have a great time writing them, and think that selling Book Marketing books is a good way to make some extra money, this is Book Marketing for you.