YouTube’s popularity and influence know no bounds; featuring billions of videos of all kinds – YouTube didn’t just become the 2nd largest search engine in the world, for nothing, right? People come up with unique YouTube channel content ideas in a bid to spike up their channel views. All this just to have a legit YouTube channel with a good number of subscribers.

But how do you leverage this unbelievably surging online video streaming channel to boost your online business? Can you really create a bunch of unique and out-of-the-box content for your YT channel? Let’s discuss all these aspects of making your brand the most loved and viewed on YouTube.

YouTube Video Consumption

YouTube is basically full of numerous opportunities; it is all about how one utilizes it for their brand. Usually, the most famous and liked YouTube channels highly targeted content, just what their target audience would expect. This is the key to create a successful YouTube channel with great content. After all, 300-400 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube every minute!

Given this staggering figure, if your brand wants to be seen, liked and shared, then it has to flaunt some unique content for sure. Apart from keeping the SEO quotient in mind, your content must also have variety, fun and humor, and most importantly, a personal touch, as its core essence.

So, if your next question is, “What kind of YouTube content I should create exactly?”, then you are at the right place. In this detailed Blog post, we have compiled the top 10 most popular content ideas to enhance your YouTube presence. Keep scrolling, you won’t regret!

Challenge Videos

Remember the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’? The global hype it created and how the netizens were going gaga over it? YouTube was flooding with the IBC videos from time to time. Everybody was taking up the challenge, making a video out of it and sharing online. Even celebrities across the world participated.

Well, there isn’t much intellect in the whole ‘challenge’ thing. But what made all the difference is its uniqueness that influenced people. Think of such a challenge video and tag people. This will not only create engagement but will also draw the attention of your target audience.

Tutorials/How-To Videos

As the name suggests, tutorial and how-to videos teach or guides the viewers how to get something done. They are basically video content that imparts knowledge about a specific technique. It can be from anything like make up tutorial, baking a cake, creating DIY Christmas ornaments, to creating a 3D video or hacking business growth. How-tos are everywhere these days.

But that doesn’t reduce their popularity; because people love to learn new things. Humans are always inquisitive beings. And what is more fascinating than learning it on your own through an YouTube video? And thus, this genre is considered to be unique content for YouTube.

So, next time you find yourself at a loss as to what should you upload on your YT channel, think of a video that provides a step-by-step guide for any subject within your niche.

Comedy/Sketch Videos

Comedy, humor, fun – the holy trinity of video content at the present time. The more you present your content in a fun manner, the higher is your chance of driving traffic. The fact, or rather the ‘fun’ fact is, comedy and humor touch everyone from every walks of life.

Be it a serious topic, or a technical one, adding a comedic twist to any content increases the chances of it going viral. They often find their way to Facebook thus opening your channel to more diverse audience. You may check channels like Smosh, Superwoman, Logan Paul, the Ace Family, Miranda Sings, and many more. All of them create great content for YouTube that are funny, satirical, yet engaging.

However, if you are a brand, then sometimes it is challenging to come up with a funny skit. But fret not, make personalized content, like your day to day struggles at the office with the printer, or the coffee vending machine, or may be how your computer smells your urgency and freezes. You can extract comedy from any situation in life, channelizing them into YouTube content seems like a great idea.

Interviews and Q&As

Do you have a very active audience who responds to every post that you share on your social channels? Then why not ask them to participate in an online interview or a Q&A session? Q&A videos are highly popular now as audience can directly communicate with the content creator.

So, if you own a female beauty brand and want to start a new product line focusing on female intimate health, then think of conducting a live Q&A session as your next YouTube channel content. You shall get an influx of female audience on that one session.

Similarly, if you want to make a more generic session, you may talk about growth hack, leadership, management-level insights, and many more. Whether generic or niche, interviews and question+answer sessions are great video content ideas for brands and individual content creators alike.

Review Videos

Ahh… the good ol’ reviews. Millions of consumers look up online reviews while buying any commodity. Be it a phone, ac, refrigerator, laptop, or even toys for their kids, make up products, anything.

And why do they do that? Because they want to ensure they are investing money on something worthy and that gives them the bang for the buck. Well, another great YouTube video content idea is to create videos around the products you use, the pros and cons of it, so and so forth.

And not just they have to be product reviews; you may review a book or a recent movie you watched on Netflix. It is clear trend these days that you can leverage for your channel’s exponential growth. The moment you create such videos, you start influencing your audience’s purchase decisions.

And if your channels grows and carves its name on the Internet, you would find brands requesting you to feature their products on your channel to convince the prospects. Well, this may seem a bit far-fetched, but this happens for real.

Unboxing Videos

These video content are extremely popular now and are considered the best content for your YouTube channel. These videos gain a lot of viewers as people love to watch someone unboxing a product and showing what’s inside. This is mainly a huge area of potential for influencers who mainly promote brands through their content.

Unboxing video also help prospective buyers to be convinced about a product the are about to buy. So next time you are wondering what kind of YouTube channel content should you publish, get an influencer and ask him/her to create an unboxing video with your product. And you may feature that content on your channel. This will make it extremely easy for your customers to anticipate their queries about the quality and appearance of your product.

Tour Videos

Humans love to travel. And also, humans love to see others travelling and documenting their stays. And that’s the reason why travel vlogs are such in things now. However, what if your YouTube channel represents your brand and is not your personal vlog? Do you have to give up on this immensely high potential content idea?

Well, no. You can simply grab your Smartphone and give your viewers a tour of your office and ask your team/office mates to say ‘hello’ to your viewers. That’s a sort of creative way to add a touch of personalization into your brand and let your customers/prospects see your brand up close and personal.

Webinar Videos

Webinars or Web-based seminars allow brands to have real-time conversations with their audience and offer them value right away. Webinars also help businesses showcase their expertise, thus instilling trust amongst the audience.

And since webinars do not hard-sell, but simply convince the prospects about your product or service, they have a better engagement quotient. If done correctly, webinars on YouTube can bring you significant traction and establish you as an industry expert before your audience.

Motivational Videos

Motivational and inspirational videos are great remedies to imbibe fresh energy into oneself and amp up your level of ambition to be more. Well, it may sound a bit clichéd, but a little bit of motivating words work for everyone. Each one of us need some kind of encouragement and motivation along the way. And hence Facebook has the biggest number of motivational videos going viral. One such video content creating company is Dhar Mann Studios, that creates motivational videos with social messages. So keep your audience in high spirit with engaging motivational videos and bring them closer to your brand. And if it gets shared by millions and adds up to your YouTube channel subscriber base, nothing like that!

Life Hacks/Tips

Quick and practical tips are loved by all. Be it money saving tips, or make-up tips, or tips on how to bake the perfect Christmas cake, or even topics like how to find new content ideas for your YouTube channel – tips videos are highly shared, liked, and viewed. These are made with an intention to fix small nuisances in day-to-day real life situations, and eventually content like these, increase the value of your channel.

Once you post such content on a regular basis, it’s easier to make them hit the ‘Subscribe’ button. Moreover, tips content do not have to be exclusively from within your niche, you may indeed talk about topics that are even indirectly related to your nature of business.

Wrapping Up

So you see, you must be making content with exceptional YouTube channel ideas that spark interest amongst your audience. Unless your content draw their attention, you will keep on missing the mark. Though it might seem a daunting task initially, with the right guidance, you can get things in shape.

Just make sure to have a mix of all the content types mentioned above, your frequency of posting is regular, and your scripts are thought-provoking. And that’s it. Be ready to own a thriving brand with a significant number of subscribers, and promote your YouTube channel with unique content.

Remember, the more authentic and creative your content are, the more your brand will be loved. Let us know if you need any help in your YouTube marketing activities… We are just an email away!

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