Video testimonials are a great way to show off your business’s personality, and there is no better medium than video for this purpose.

If you’re looking at making changes in order to establish yourself as an expert or professional organization then it might be worth considering adding some friendly faces that can speak from experience.

We’ve found 17 sites that have incorporated this into their design. Here’s the list organized by category:

1. Chili Piper (SaaS)

2. (SaaS)

3. Taplio (SaaS)

4. VeryGoodCopy (Newsletter)

5. Alcove Rooms (Consumer App)

6. Scrimba (Consumer App)

7. Yotta Bank (Consumer App)

8. Dream Studio Course (Course Creators)

9. Justin Welsh (Course Creator)

10. (Service)

11. Chris Lema (Service)

12. Dating by Blaine (Service)

13. Popbrush (eCommerce)

14. Pip Decks (eCommerce)

15. Illuminate (eCommerce)

16. Wyndly (eCommerce)

17. Instrumentl (Non-profit)

Wrapping up…

And there you have it: 17 Examples of websites using Video Testimonials Video testimonials are a powerful way to show off your product or service in a unique and engaging way.

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