Another quarter has passed and Bitly has continued to deliver features that solve our customers’ most pressing pain points–we strive to help you build better connections with your audiences. Let’s jump into all the cool stuff we built out this quarter!

Bitly Link-in-bio is Now Available to All Bitly Customers!

We’re excited to announce that Bitly Link-in-bio is now available to all customers! Free users now have access to this product which was previously only available to our paid plans.

Bitly Link-in-bio is a powerful tool that allows you to create a customizable landing page where you can share all of your valuable links with your audience, using one single URL. Every Bitly Link-in-bio also comes with its own QR Code, which means you can connect offline audiences to your online content with a simple scan. Use your Bitly Link-in-bio URL in all of your social sites and anywhere you want your audience to click, tap or scan–from a blog page, your email signature, and SMS to a printed flier or physical product. 

With our customization options, you can personalize your landing page to reflect your style or serve as an extension of your brand. Since Bitly Link-in-bio is powered by Bitly Link Management service, you’re able to track page views and engagement insights, so you can monitor the performance of your Link-in-bio landing page and links. You can make changes on-the-fly to ensure you’re serving up the most relevant, engaging content–all from the same place you track your shortened links and QR Codes. 

Find Bitly Link-in-bio by navigating to the Link-in-bio option in the nav menu. We will continue to collect feedback for this new product, so please share your thoughts about it by clicking the feedback link on the Link-in-bio page.

Customize your Bitly Link-in-Bio:

We’ve continued to expand the customization options of Bitly Link-in-bio so you have the flexibility to create a landing page to match your brand aesthetic or creative personal style.   

This quarter, we added 16 different font options to choose from and the ability to change the color on both fonts and buttons. Additionally, you now have the ability to change the button style and color on your page. We’ve released 3 button shape options, 2 fill options for each button shape, and 3 shadow options. Lastly, we introduced the option to add a color gradient background to your page which allows you to select two color options and the direction of the gradient.

All New Navigation, New Look and Feel

We are constantly partnering with you–our customers–to understand what’s working and what we could be doing better. We heard feedback from you that it is not as easy as it should be to navigate around the app, see where everything is located and understand the full capabilities of what we offer. To solve this problem, we updated our navigation interface, giving the Bitly Connections Platform a new look and feel. It’s now much easier to navigate between pages, see where things are located and display the full capabilities of Bitly while being more accessible! 

Head to “Profile” under Settings and toggle on the new nav!

Bitly x Postman

Calling all developers! In May, we launched our Bitly API on the Postman Public API Network to make building with the Bitly API as easy as possible for the over 20 million developers who use Postman, the industry leading platform for building and using APIs. Visit our Bitly profile on Postman to gain access to our documentation, collections, and API and easily learn about how you can integrate Bitly features into your technology. Once you’re ready to develop, fork our collection straight into your Postman workspace to begin building! Learn more at Bitly’s Public Postman API Network Profile.

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