The equivalent of 5 Gold Rings, I give you 5 Christmassy C’s! Consider these when you are on LinkedIn, not just at the end of this weird year, but anytime.

Think about talking to people rather than trying to sell to them. That will come.

The ‘Know – Like – Trust’ idea still rings true.

Humanising content on LinkedIn has been a feature of 2020 & it creates conversations that develop relationships.

Create something that is personalised & individual.

In your profile, your invites to connect or your follow up, we notice when you make an effort.

Throw a generic or automated template at us & we notice …. and not in a good way!

What you say is important.

When you post certainly but, just as importantly, when you leave a comment on others’ posts or in DMs & what is on your Profile.

All is content that reflects on you & influences the rest of us.

I don’t just mean in LinkedIn’s terminology (though that’s key too).

I mean that spark of understanding when we properly engage or the empathy you have when speaking to people.

Both are key to success here.

Underlying everything, we still need to be aware that ultimately we are talking to people like us.

So be nice. To everyone.

Author information

Mark White, LinkedIn trainer

Mark White, LinkedIn trainer

My passion is helping companies and individuals to use and APPLY LinkedIn more effectively – that is to use it to develop new business, find a new role, to market yourself, your company and products … whatever your reason for using LinkedIn is! I run internal workshops for companies looking to bring their key people or teams up to speed and run public courses around the UK.