7 Social Media Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents 2022

7 Social Media Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents
marketing is always evolving and what got you from point a to point b is not necessarily what’s gonna get you from point b to point c so we as agents have to evolve now by the end of this post you’re gonna have seven rock solid social media marketing ideas for your real estate business for the best in lead generation and marketing strategies for real estate Agents.

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I love to bring the ideas that have worked so well for me and for them back to you so let’s get into the seven rock-solid social media marketing ideas

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Number one

is automating your social media posts now part of your marketing strategy should be that you are consistently posting on social media.
I’m not talking about when I say automation just hiring someone and doing a set it and forget it what I’m talking about here is utilizing tools that allow you to pre-plan your social media content for the day for the week or even a month in advance this way when the day gets away from you because you’ve had extra appointments or you’re lead generating hopefully then you know for a fact that that day you’re going to have a great social media post hitting all of your channels because you’ve taken the time to pre-plan out your content.

these tools are companies like Hootsuite or buffer there are many more and usually, they cost around ten dollars or less a month so go check it out

Number two

is to create an irresistible lead magnet to collect new leads.

I love this one I have found it to be so effective for my team but basically what it is is you’re going to create a pdf or an e-book of free information in exchange for emails and why are emails so important if your email list doesn’t grow then neither does your business.

what should you make the lead magnet on well what you want to do is consider who is your ideal client what are the challenges or information that those people need and you’re going to want to create a solution for them inside of that lead magnet so really you’re focused on solving their problems now when trying to come up with what lead magnet you’re going to do make sure that you are consumer focused realtor focus because a lot of the things that we think will be valuable to the customer is not actually what they have on their mind.

For example, it is great to give them things that happen during the real estate transactions like how to purchase a home or how to save thousands when listing your home but we can’t stop there we actually need to be offering things of value that may not have to do with the actual real estate transaction that’s what’s going to attract someone for leads in the pipeline later on

For example, if you are trying to gain traction and get new names for potential clients in a particular area get really hyper-local let’s say it’s Frisco texas for example your pdf or your lead magnet could be the top five Mexican restaurants in Frisco texas i guarantee that would be a popular lead magnet that a lot of people would want to read so also consider things for their kids like the top three summer camps to go to in Frisco texas so think outside the box but before you put that lead magnet out there ask yourself is this attracting my ideal client am I solving a problem or providing a value for them

Number three

is consider going niche some of you might say niche because broad is broke niche is rich they also say that there’s uh riches in the niches because this is a big one, you guys.

I know for me personally, I was a little intimidated to pick a niche because if I really niched it down to that I only wanted to or that my ideal client was a doctor or a veteran or a first-time home buyer I felt like if I really niched down that far that I would be excluding everyone else and that was business that I needed and you need to not fear this because it’s not saying you have to turn people down that are outside of that niche but the more niche you get in your marketing message.

The bigger impact it’s going to make whereas if you sound the same as everyone very few people are going to see it so you go from being in a large what we call red ocean or bloody ocean to a blue ocean because you have really niched it down to a specific audience that you’re trying to serve so there’s going to be fewer people in that pool trying to go after that person so by niching down you can really make yourself memorable now when I say niche I don’t think gimmicky

okay think of an exact person that you want to serve who is that ideal client is it new builds is it senior citizens it veterans keep in mind if you’re trying to talk to everyone in marketing they say that you’re actually talking to no one so really consider niching down that marketing strategy to one group to really set yourself apart from the competition

Number four

is make post part of your realtor marketing strategy you guys video is king in marketing there is no doubt that video is dynamic and engaging when it comes to attracting new leads not to mention video performs really well on most social media algorithms and video will just allow you to get a lot more engagement this is why tick-tock is such a big deal right now because you can only use video and let’s face it because so many agents just aren’t willing to do video it separates you from the competition need I say more now what if any is your biggest challenge around adding video to your marketing strategy.

I’m just curious to let me know in the comments all right let’s move on to

Number five

which is showcase expensive listings otherwise known as luxury listings now we live in a generation that just loves to look at luxury homes I know I do so what is that area that you really want to be known for and go feature expensive or luxury listings in that area

you may be saying well I don’t have any listings in that area so all you need to do you guys is really get permission from those that are listing the property to be able to feature their properties on
your social media channels

>> feel free to DM on IG for asking about the sales funnel, Facebook ads, and social media management
this helps them to bring more buyers and for you to potentially bring a buyer to them you can also feature model homes and luxury custom home builders in that area because if you want to start attracting sellers and buyers in the luxury market then you must be featuring luxury listing on your social media channels now in these luxury listings not only will you just feature what is available

but you can also give your perspective on the home and even feature the latest trends want to know a powerful example of this there is a realtor on tick tock who is featuring luxury listings on his TikTok channel and he has 115 000 followers and 2.1 million likes and he’s only been on the platform for three months wow people want to see luxury listings they want to see what they can get for what price and in what area and somewhere in all of those followings they will attract some luxury leads

Number six

is to respond to the comments that people are putting on your social media post now this is so important somebody took the time to read your post or listen to your video and even engage with you you want to quickly respond because the worst thing to do is just broadcast only but not actually engage back with those that are interested in following you

the comments section is a great place to get to know your followers and your readers ask great questions and then listen so you can get to know their wants and needs now something to keep in mind when you are commenting is you’re not just talking to them because these comments or replies are public you are not only talking to them but you’re actually setting the bar for everyone else and to see how you handle things, so for example if somebody else asked a question that

they’re like oh great question I have the same one they’re just going to read the response that you left on someone else’s so keep that in mind when you’re engaging with someone and definitely keep that in mind when you’re responding to a negative comment yeah every once in a while you’re going to get that negative comment number one keep in mind how you handle that again is going to set the precedence to other people that read it of how you handle challenges

if they’re going to work with you in the future so make sure you handle it politely because it doesn’t just happen that you can argue your way into someone seeing your perspective so listen to their perspective if you did do something wrong you can just take responsibility and let them know what you’re going to do differently next time now when I read comments like this online

I see that somebody handled a challenge or negative comment or even something they did wrong in a positive light and even let me know how they would handle it differently next time it really lets me know what kind of person they are and that they would be great to work with in the future because

they take responsibility now I’m not talking about abusive comments or online random anonymous trolls of course you can block those people and delete the comments but otherwise, whether it’s a good comment or a bad comment not abusive you want to handle those quickly and engage

get to know your followers so that they come back for more all right

Number seven

is to stay in touch yes you should use your social media channels to stay in touch with the most important group in your sphere of influence so find out where are they hanging out on social media and if you aren’t already connecting with them follow them be their friend depending on the platform is what it would be called and really take time not just to think about what am I posting today to get in front of them but take time to think about

am I spending at least 20 minutes a day engaging with the most important people in my life in my sphere of influence on their posts?

am I seeing what’s going on in their lives and genuinely caring and commenting and engaging with them on the things that are important to them?

as the saying goes nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care so social media is a great way to engage with your sphere of influence now because 70 of your income will probably come from your sphere of influence be sure that you’re taking those online conversations also offline by having a marketing program that is multifaceted so that you’re reaching them in email by contacts and social media altogether because the worst thing you want to do is just go after new leads all the time when you already have a pool of people who know you like you trust you that are ready to engage with you?

What are you doing to stay in front of this really important group in your sphere of influence?

you’re armed with some amazing social media marketing strategies that you can use for your business and watching this post may have gotten you to self-discover that you have some relationships that you need to re-engage with but it may have been a minute and you might be feeling awkward about reaching back out, especially if it’s someone from your sphere well no worries

Hit the upvote button it really helps out now be sure to readers and share this with any of your real estate agents all right for more helpful lead generation and marketing strategies for real estate

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