There are several different types of picnic baskets available on the market and one that is relatively new is the Alfresco Wicker Picnic Basket for Six People. 

This particular product is specifically designed to cater for single adults who love spending time with family or friends. They are made out of an all weather fabric material that is made to withstand the elements such as rain, snow, sleet and even the sun. 

They can be purchased in several different sizes that will best fit the needs of the adults that will be using it. It is also important to consider the size of the picnic table that it is going to be sitting on before making a purchase.

The main characteristic of this particular picnic basket is that it comes with an inflatable seat that has sides that are cushioned on three sides. The basket itself is made from a heavy duty plastic that is covered in a clear vinyl material that is made to look like wicker when fully filled with food.

There are four adjustable side pouches that are removable and come with a comfortable padded shoulder strap. The basket itself is not tall and does not sit very high when filled with food. It actually sits on the ground just below the picnic table and is designed to accommodate six people.

Anyone that enjoys spending time with family and friends should definitely consider the use of this particular product. The price is reasonable when compared to other picnic baskets and is perfect for any occasion. There are many people that enjoy taking picnics on a regular basis and this is certainly something that can be done throughout the entire year. This is a great way to make sure that you have someone there to share in the fun and to also save money when it comes to buying foods and other items for your picnic.