On Saturday one of my colleagues accidently turned on every single campaign in one of our client accounts instead of the five we are currently using. After he did this, we get an e-mail saying this:

Access to Customer Match will be suspended for your account in the next 7 days

Your access to Customer Match will be suspended within the next 7 days because your Google Ads account violated Customer Match policy.

View more information about the policy violation, and submit an appeal in the next 7 days and we’ll review your account.

The Google Ads Team

We also got this notification in the account:

Your account is in violation of Customer Match policies

Your account is found in violation of Customer Match policies and is ineligible to use Customer Match lists. Please contact your Account Manager for more information.

I’ve gone through the account with a fine tooth comb, but we do not have any customer match lists in the audience manager nor do we use any customer match audiences, so I’m unable to find what triggered the policy violation to fix it. I don’t want to submit an appeal before I can pinpoint what triggered the violation.

I’ve contacted support and they told me that we need a rep to help us, so we’re going to be assigned one in the next three days. They weren’t any help beyond that.

So here’s the questions:

1.) What could have triggered this?

2.) Will this lead to a suspension of being able to use customer match (which we don’t do for this client anyway) or will it lead to the suspension of the whole account? (support said it could possibly lead to suspension of the account, but they were very unsure)

3.) If the account is suspended, will this have an impact on the manager account this account falls under? This is obviously a huge issue since we manage all our clients under one central manager account.

If anyone has any insight it would be appreciated.

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