ADAPT: Scaling Corporate Purpose in a Divisive World, a corporate strategy and leadership free book promotion by Diane Primo

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I am Gen Z, and read many different types of books. This one caught my attention as it seems to focus on issues of urgent interest to my generation. Most of us are not interested in a dreary 9-5 soul-sucking job – we want our work to matter. And not in 10 -20 years when we lead the company, but now.

This book goes some way to exploring how businesses can be the engine of positive change, and places of aspirational growth for people. For many leaders, it may sound blasphemous that the purpose of business is NOT just to maximize profits. Rather it is to make a positive impact in the world while also generating profits. It’s an AND, not an OR. The numerous well-documented case studies from Nike, Lyft, Krogers and others show that this is not just pie in the sky but very possible. I thought the book might be marketing speak, but the depth of detail gives the book authenticity and believability. It encourages all companies to think more expansively about the impact they have in the world and in the process discover a whole new way to compete for customers, partners and talent.