Advanced Google AdWords Strategy

Google AdWords Strategy

Advanced Google AdWords Strategy: The Comprehensive & Data-Driven Practical Guide to Mastering AdWords is written by John Zabaras. Learn the “Unlock” secrets to unlock unlimited performance on all AdWords Accounts… What’s so special about this book? How does it stack up against the other Google AdWords books? John Zabaras has taken the basic AdWords strategy and created a simple, yet comprehensive and action-oriented approach to AdWords.

This book focuses on creating targeted ads based on the keywords used by your customers. It’s all about making the most of Google’s unique search technology. In fact, you’ll learn the secret of using AdWords to drive highly targeted traffic to your sales page. You’ll also gain valuable insight into how Google’s current ad format affects your results.

Part 1 of Advanced Google AdWords Strategy: The Comprehensive & Data-Driven Practical Guide is about how to choose the right ads. That’s where the first segment of the book begins. You’ll learn the fundamental difference between search and pay-per-click marketing. Then you’ll learn about the differences between internet advertising and traditional marketing. And finally, you’ll learn about some of the other areas where Google AdWords can vary from other forms of internet marketing.

Advanced Google AdWords Strategy: The Comprehensive & Data-Driven Practical Guide are presented in seven parts (segments) that include: Fundamentals of AdWords, Choosing the Right Ads, Advanced Google AdWords Tips, Using AdWords Tips to Get More Out of Your PPC, Advanced Google AdWords Techniques, Advanced Google AdWords Strategies, and CPA Advertising.

Each segment focuses on a specific aspect of the Google AdWords program, giving you an in-depth look at a particular area.

You will learn the ins and outs of what AdWords can do for your business. You’ll see how Google’s unique perspective makes AdWords a great solution for your business. You’ll also get a good feel for how to use AdWords effectively for maximum benefits.

Advanced Google AdWords Strategy: The Definitive Guide focuses on the most effective ways to utilize AdWords. That’s where part two of the book kicks off. You’ll learn about choosing the right keywords, the importance of tracking and testing those keywords, and how to write successful advertisements. You’ll also learn about the benefits of choosing keywords that are less competitive.

Finally, you’ll learn about the importance of ad copy. Ad copy is critical because it not only looks great but it also sets the tone for your ad and how it relates to your website and ad campaign.


Advanced Google AdWords Strategy: The Definitive Guide includes a chapter titled Advanced Google AdWords Techniques. This chapter discusses everything from choosing the best visual language for your ad to taking advantage of AdWords and contextual advertising. Authors Jennifer Bing and Ryan Watson describe various techniques for making your ad stand out and be noticed. They also go over the importance of using both text-based and image-based ads.

Advanced Google AdWords Strategy: The Definitive Guide contains several case studies and “how-to” tips. One such “how-to” comes in the form of an e-book. The E-Book explains how to create a winning advertisement for Google AdWords. Other helpful tips include creating a killer headline, designing the copy for Google AdWords, and finding ways to increase your click-through rate (CTR). One of the sections explains the best practices for maximizing your return on investment (ROI).

Advanced Google AdWords Strategy: The Definitive Guide takes you step by step through the entire AdWords process. That includes choosing a keyword, creating unique ads with the proper keywords, choosing the appropriate text and images for your ads, and testing your ads to improve your CTR and ROI. Jennifer Bing and Ryan Watson describe how to write compelling AdWords copy that will make your ads stand out from similar ads. This AdWords strategy manual is well-illustrated and goes through each step in detail.