Adventures in Marketing Automation - A Review

Adventures in Marketing Automation is an easy but thorough guide on how an aspiring entrepreneur or small business owner can utilize the power of email, Facebook, Twitter, and other internet tools to aid in automating their entire online marketing systems from start to finish. All in an effort, as they say, to become a more profitable and efficient business owner. By utilizing the tips and techniques outlined within this book, an internet newbie can not only create an online presence that will allow them to do an initial sales pitch but can also use a form of “hire and pay” model that won’t break the bank and leave them without any profit.

Many have expressed that while it was initially difficult to read through the book, everything clicked very quickly once it had been downloaded, and all the time tested marketing tactics were at hand.

My three-day trial run with the software was a great start, and after going through the troubles described within the book, I know it is for me. The book was created by two internet marketing veterans who have been at the forefront of online social networking tools and automation. Each step is illustrated with clear text, pictures, graphics, videos, or audio clips that show you exactly what you need to do. Most anything you would do on the internet can be done with this system. 

I highly recommend getting an eBook on how to automate your online marketing Automation, such as Adventures in Marketing Automation. This book provides step-by-step instructions that anyone can follow to build a complete system for your email campaigns, including setting up autoresponders and scheduling your emails, which are both essential to building any email campaign. The best part of the book is that the author’s experiences and knowledge are detailed and clear, making any marketing program seem complicated.

When it comes to marketing Automation your product or service through emails, it’s important not to focus on sending out emails. By doing so, you are missing out on one of the most powerful ways to drive sales. There are two main types of autoresponder systems that I would recommend looking at. The first type would be the free version, and the second would be the paid version. You can see which one I would recommend by reviewing my last blog entry on this subject. In that article, I discuss how using reviews can help you grow your business and achieve your goals.

The best way to use reviews in your autoresponder is to pair them with an email marketing Automation campaign. For example, you could review a product and send it to a list of people who have expressed an interest in that product. Or you could send out a review of your product to an opt-in email list where people will then be sent the link to your product. If you use a free version of the product, you would only send out one or two emails before the customer decided to unsubscribe. If you use the paid version, you will be able to send out dozens of emails to your list without the customer ever getting annoyed by your marketing attempts.

The great thing about having both of these products is that you can start to automate the entire process of email marketing. Instead of writing a series of emails that go directly to people, you will be able to write one or two emails and then instruct your email marketing software to distribute them to everyone on your list. Once you have a huge list of subscribers, you will be able to send out hundreds of emails each day and make a large profit from your online business.