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Last year we got 792 responses. Survey Closes Midnight PST on Feb 28th, 2022.

Company’s make salary a black box affair because they want to pay everyone as little as possible. I’ve been told more than a few times not to discuss what I made with others. Learning what the industry pays your colleague or that new junior hire means that none of us are leaving money on the table. Even now as someone who runs an agency, I strongly believe this to be true.

The survey is anonymous; only I (@DuaneBrown) will see the data. I’m going to make the aggregated results public for everyone to see and keep this transparent. You can see last year’s results to get an idea of what we will produce this year.

Fill Out The PPC Salary Survey

Results Will Launch by March 22rd, 2022. Questions, ask here or DM me on Twitter.

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