I recently came across a tool called Postly that looks very interesting. It seems to have just as many features as other scheduling tools out there like Hootsuite or Buffer, while still being quite a bit cheaper. As a startup, purchasing a lifetime plan would make a lot of sense for us. Even if we get 5 years of usage from it, i think it would be fine. I wanted to check with Postly users about their experience.

  • How do you feel Postly compares to more established solutions (Buffer, Hootsuite)?

  • Does a lifetime deal make sense, or do you expect Postly to have an exciting few beginning years and then burn up?

  • Some features i want are in the Postly roadmap, like scheduling reels and stories (which is something I’ve not been able to do else where). Due to FBs algorithms, I’m not sure if story / reel scheduling will ever be possible. What do you think? Will Postly be able to deliver such features or is this just a marketing trick to show it as a future update?

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