In today’s day and age, thank you notes seem to be a rare thing. Following interviews and calls, our team often discusses how important this small, yet impactful action really is. Thank you notes were once a staple of interaction, especially from a personal standpoint, but are they still relevant in a business setting?

Yes. In an industry that centers on building solid relationships, every interaction can make a difference. Thank you notes may seem small and even insignificant but can make a major impact if done effectively.

Differentiate yourself and demonstrate appreciation

Thank you notes can help you stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re interviewing for a new role or pitching a new business opportunity, thank you notes can go a long way in demonstrating your appreciation for the meeting and their time.

If people are deciding between multiple candidates or potential partners, the decision can often come down to chemistry and rapport. Thank you notes are another way to build that chemistry and establish a meaningful relationship.

Reiterate your messages

We recommend that spokespeople reiterate their key messages throughout interviews. The same advice can be incredibly impactful for job interviews and new business pitches. Reiterating specific skills, recommendations or results can help certain messages stick.

During a meeting, a lot of information is shared and it’s crucial to make sure important ideas and thoughts are remembered. Thank you notes are another time to reiterate those key points and recap the highlights of the meeting. Additionally, there is an opportunity to incorporate additional thoughts that you may not have come up in the original meeting.

Small touches matter

In a world where we are moving quickly and we are often focused on the next action item or request, slowing down to acknowledge someone else’s time and energy can go a long way toward creating a positive impression.

Given the speed of today’s business world, an email thank you note will reach the interview in a timelier fashion than a handwritten note. While hand-written thank you note can be more personal. To make your decision about which to send, consider the timeframe, company cultures and your writing style. It’s also worth noting that there is no harm in sending both a follow-up email and a handwritten note. It shows enthusiasm and gratitude.

In short, thank you notes are still a great way to make a good impression after a job interview or business meeting. They show that you appreciate the other person’s time and are serious about building a positive relationship.

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