While I was researching, I found out that people tend to go with the platform that has already proven to be successful for other businesses. Hence, Patreon is the biggest platform for selling content today. But many creators create a profile without thinking about the long-term effects:

There are a lot of content creators out there who use Patreon solely because a lot of other well-known content creators in their industry are using these platforms. You see them making big bucks on these platforms, so you figure this could work for you too. And you’re right, it could. But if you are planning to generate a big chunk of your income on these platforms, you must consider the commission rates charged on everything you earn.

Patreon, for instance, offers various plans to creators who are serious about earning a steady income on their platform. Their commissions for those creators range from 8-12%. Besides that, they are also charging you transaction costs up to $0.30. For a $1 transaction from one of your fans, that’s a staggering 30% of your hard-earned income.

Your content has value, and your fans are paying you for it.

So, take control of your income and make sure you can keep most of that. Especially if you are looking to grow that revenue. Your income matters. Therefore, when deciding what platform you will use for selling your content, consider the commissions. Especially because the more you grow, the more you will hand over to these companies. There are great alternatives! For example, Fangage is similar to Patreon but doesn’t have these ridiculously high commissions.

Moreover, if you’d like, you can read more about this alternative here. Your income from selling content or subscriptions should be yours to keep.

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