I have a question that I wish to get feedback on.

I have a painting and decorating company that’s is employed as one of the main subcontractors of the UK’s leading main construction contractors.

My question is when marketing, do we market to the customer( the main Contractor) or do we market them and at the end user? In turn mirroring the marketing of our clients?

My idea is that as a finishing trade, we help deliver the spaces that people work in and as a result all of the things that come with that.

I imagine marketing us as ‘delivering the spaces where people love to work’ ‘delivering the spaces that inspire people to be the best versions of themselves.’

Is this a smart idea? Or should we market to our clients? And in turn highlight our dependability and how we are cost effective and offer high quality?

It just seems that by talking past our initial client and to the end user then we can mirror our actual clients message and show that our values and mission mirror their own?

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