When it comes to getting a pet dog or cat many people think breed first. Influenced by the breeds of dog they see in the park or the cats they see on their social feed, people often decide on the type of dog or cat they want and then seek out a breeder. This can sometimes make rescuing a pet an after-thought that is quickly forgotten. To get people to think rescue first, the agency needed to make rescue pets a visible part of day-to-day life.
Wear Blue for Rescue gives every rescue pet, owner and supporter the chance to help make rescue a more visible part of culture, declaring our love for the wonderful, quirky rescue dogs and cats who just need a second chance in life.
A key part of Wear Blue for Rescue is launching the Rescue symbol, a new symbol of support for rescue animals around the world. We’re calling on everyone to show their love for rescues and unite behind the Rescue symbol. Together we can show the world how wonderful rescues are, and prove once and for all that they’re desirable, not damaged.