What happens when ecomm brands build a world around their product offerings? And those worlds solve customers’ problems? Customer love, enthusiasm, and conversions, that’s what.  
Every brand has the opportunity to create a world and, with it, a loyal base of customers. Creating an ideal customer profile can help clarify how to build your brand with this alchemy in mind, and sharing your brand story will help you authentically stand out from the crowd every time. 
Here are three brands that did just that and, in the process, have fostered thriving communities of loyal, happy customers. 

Outdoor Voices.

Outdoor Voices came on the fitness scene with unique fabrics and notable pieces like The Exercise Dress. Still, it carved a place for itself in the competitive (some might’ve said impenetrable) athleisure landscape by creating a world that its customers wanted to inhabit. 

When founder, Ty Haney, founded Outdoor Voices in 2012, her mission was to create a clothing brand for those looking to have fun and be recreational. There is no need to gear up for competition when your favorite workout is walking the dog. 
Everything Outdoor Voices produced supported customers who wanted a more casual, approachable take on fitness. 

True to their original ethos and the interests of their ICP, Outdoor Voices continues to uphold their unique approach to a fitness lifestyle through inclusive, feel-good group workouts and activities. 

Who Gives a Crap.

Chances are, you probably don’t have a strong personal connection to your toilet paper. One Australian brand sought to change that, knowing the environmental and health impact associated with the ubiquitous paper product. 

Who Gives a Crap has managed to make toilet paper… fun? By building a world on the foundation of brand values, a clear mission, and a fun approach, they’ve managed to create toilet paper we want to tell our friends about. 

Blogs like “Why is everyone searching for organic toilet paper?” highlight their brand values (environmental sustainability), offer a solution (their TP), and, BTW, ranks top 10 for the query. 
The brand’s cheeky (yeah, we went there) brand presence, coupled with their brand story, makes them a standout example of how to take an ordinary product to a whole new level. 

Love Wellness.

Fans of Laguna Beach or The Hills may recognize Love Wellness’ founder Lo Bosworth, but these days she’s overseeing one of the most successful women’s wellness startups in recent years. Love Wellness creates supplements, vitamins, and other women’s care products.
The wellness industry has seen a massive uptick over the last decade, it tops $1.5 trillion globally, so while there’s a lot of demand, there’s also a ton of competition. Matthew Murray, Love Wellness CMO, puts a significant stake in the value of social proof and storytelling.
“Love Wellness focuses on storytelling that comes from our customers. They are the messenger. Truth comes from real people… challenged with different issues that the products created a solution for,” says Murray.

The brand is so community-oriented they have an online forum called The Love Club; women regularly chat with each other and the brand about all kinds of topics. The result is a resource for customers that helps them with their problems while putting them in community with others who can relate. 

It’s a stellar example that putting customers first builds loyalty the way little else can. 

Big, Beautiful (Ecomm) World 

Building a brand world will help you carve out space and define your difference within a competitive market niche. Respond to the needs of your customers with a desire to make their lives better then watch your VIP list grow. 
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