Introduction: We can include BPF in a model driven app in Dynamics CRM where directly a new contact can be created from App and start using Business Process Flow. Step 1: Login to the required environment and go to flows and select Business process flows – Vaccination and observe whether BPF is active or not, if not then activate it as shown in the below figure. Step 2: After Step 1 , select Model Driven App Vaccination and open designer as shown in the below figure. Step 3: After Step 2 , in BPF Designer, select Business Process Flows and under Components deselect all BPF’s and select only our BPF Vaccination and click on Save as shown in the below figure. Step 4: After Step 3 , now go to Edit Site Map designer from App Designer and it opens Site map Designer of Vaccination Model Driven app and in that name Area as Vaccination Area and Group as Vaccination Group , and under Sub Area select Entity Vaccination[Here Vaccination is the BPF Entity that was created] and click on Save and Publish Site Map Designer and close it as shown in the below figure. Step 5: After Step 4 , open Vaccination App and you should see Vaccination Sub Area with record as shown in the below figure. Step 6: After Step 5 , open contact record and see whether BPF is working as expected or not as shown in the below figure. Note : Make sure to include BPF in the solution where you are doing customizations. Don’t forget to activate BPF. In the existing Model driven App, include BPF for the Vaccination entity and publish app. Conclusion: In this way, one can easily include Business Process flow in a Model driven App in Power Platform /Dynamics CRM.