So, you have gotten your team on-board the CRM ship and off the dock , but how do you keep them from jumping the CRM ship? Cheesy as this analogy may seem, it’s true that keeping your team onboard with CRM, whether with Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM, is an everlasting journey days, weeks, months, even years later. SPOILER ALERT: You’re not done with CRM after you’ve gotten everyone on board. You need to keep them there! CRM is a way of life. It’s not a one-and-done process. CRM must be maintained. It must become part of your daily workflow. EVERYDAY. Here’s what you should do after Rollout Day to keep encouraging CRM among your team: Let Questions Flow Let your employees know it’s okay to ask questions! Ongoing training is essential for keeping everyone onboard with CRM. Make your help-desk available. Designate a go-to person or people individuals can go to, to ask questions. Everyone needs someone like that in the office. Make a FAQ fast-fact sheet to keep everyone going steady. Use CRM in Meetings Whether it’s during individual or departmental meetings, it’s important to show your employees you’re using CRM to keep them thinking and fresh with updates, etc. Use CRM as much as possible. If you have invested time, resources, money, and people into CRM, make it the core of your business as much as possible. Embrace it as much as possible. Hold Everyone Accountable The first six weeks after CRM Rollout Day are critical! Though Users may be reluctant to change, it’s important as a manager or CRM sponsor to keep everyone encouraged and held accountable for their training. CRM is a highway, not a two-way street. Everyone on your org’s map is accountable! Check in with your employees to make sure they’re on track with CRM expectations . Don’t micro-manage. Support them. Support is crucial when it comes to accountability. Be there for your employees as much as possible during the implementation process. Do you want 3 more tips for Gaining User Adoption after your CRM Rollout Day?  Download Ledgeview’s latest eBook, “10 Expert CRM Tips on Gaining User Adoption After Rollout Day and Beyond,” here. Contact Us Today To learn more about Ledgeview’s Expertise Let’s Talk Related Articles Ledgeview Partners User Adoption After CRM Rollout and Beyond – Where Do You Go Next? Ledgeview Partners Ledgeview Partners How to Define Your CRM Vision Prior to Implementation Ledgeview Partners Read More The post User Adoption After CRM Rollout and Beyond – Where Do You Go Next? appeared first on Ledgeview Partners .