Book Marketing: Transform Cold Clicks into Raving Readers

Book Marketing Transform Cold Clicks Into Raving Readers is a program created by Victoria Pinder. This program teaches you how to use cold calling and list building to grow your list quickly. You will also learn about creating your own newsletters to promote your books.

Book Marketing your plan to discover your goals, readers, the rewards you provide and other marketing tactics that work well. Build your newsletter with leads who appreciate your work by offering freebies and discounts you will offer.

If you have just one book or none, we will talk about other options for building a list. Create an opt-in book promotion page on your website or blog and link to it from your book’s table of contents. Offer an incentive for users to sign up to your lists such as a free book or eBook.

 If you write books on a common topic, you can create a series of email courses. These courses can be in the form of eBooks, audio downloads or video tutorials.

As a bonus, Victoria Pinder has put together a series of seven “quick money making ideas” that focus on list building. These are simply seven different steps you can take to increase your email list dramatically. 

The Book Marketing Transform Cold Clicks Into Raving Readers course has been designed to teach you the easiest ways to market your books and grow an audience for them. With over forty different pages and eight different modules, you will learn how to create an opt-in book promotion page, build your list, create newsletters, write killer reviews and book reviews and much more. You will also learn the seven different traffic generation strategies Victoria Pinder uses to drive her readers’ list to her website.

Book Marketingnreviews are a unique form of marketing because it is targeted, timely and it gives the readers something to keep. The Amazon marketplace is a great resource for book lovers and authors. It is also a great place to make a buck in the popularity of your book. Many of the top-grossing sellers have their own Book Marketing review section on Amazon. With this being said, you can transform your “book” into cash.

What is so great about reviews is that you can create an informative ebook and fun. Take the time to create a book review that is very informative and, at the same time, fun. Create a review that offers the readers a “how-to” guide for the actual book. This is the type of content that will build trust and confidence. Reviews allow you to see how your book fares in the public eye and the fact that others think your book is worth reading.

Marketing your book is all about building an audience and getting people excited about your content. Book reviews allow you to do this while building your book’s credibility. This is the beauty of marketing your book through Amazon; reviews allow you to make an informed decision on whether or not to purchase your book. The reviews that are created are free, you are not required to pay for them, and the readers get to vote for your book. When you have a book with many loyalists, it will only require a few sales to break even.

Amazon also allows you to incorporate several social sharing buttons into your book cover design. You can use these buttons to let the readers show off their excitement for your book. These readers don’t have to buy your book, they can click the button, and the author and his fans will distribute the book. If your book receives several reviews, you can even track the downloads to see which books are creating the most buzz. Book marketing can transform routine cold clicks into raving readers in a concise amount of time.