Hello. I want to make sure I am following the policy for having a proper business address listed on my E-Commerce website. My account was recently suspended for Misrepresentation and I want to make sure I am following the policies properly before I request a review of my account.

Does google require the address listed on your website to be the same address that is legally registered with your LLC? For example, when I registered my LLC I used my home address. I recently got an office set up that I would like to use as my mailing/contact address for my website and the address customers would send returns to, and where I would process them. This address does indeed return a valid location on Google Maps, with street view available into the parking lot up the main entrance door of the building. It is a rather large office (100+ units) so my business name is not listed on the road sign or front door (this is reserved for the large units).

However, this address is different than the one I used as my billing address for Google Ads/Merchant Center.

Can anyone explain what the requirements are for this policy? Should I set up my business on google’s Business Profile Manager first? I do not see an option on there for e-commerce sellers (only agencies and services). My website is https://thebesthomesupply.com/ Thanks in advance!

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