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On Sept. 1, 2021, our client Carbon Robotics, an agriculture robotics company, revealed that it had secured $27 million in Series B funding to accelerate the company’s growth. The funding will be used to scale production of the company’s products, grow its engineering team, establish regional sales and support for customers across the U.S., and invest in the innovation of new products and technology.

Since the company formally announced its Autonomous Weeder, a 10,000-pound autonomous robot that utilizes high-power lasers to eradicate weeds through thermal energy, it has seen a high demand for the technology. In fact, the company has already secured a number of marquee growers and bookings that exceed $20 million. With these new customers, Carbon Robotics has sold out of its 2021 and 2022 models and has begun accepting orders for 2023.

When we supported the announcement of the Autonomous Weeder in April, we were focused on introducing the technology and describing its benefits. Many hear “a laser-shooting, self-driving robot” and think science fiction, so that announcement was focused on outlining the details of the technology and demonstrating its validity.

For this announcement, the goal was to demonstrate the momentum the company has built over the last four months and establish the market potential. We looked for key proof points to illustrate the positive reactions farmers had had to the product and outlined some of the key industry problems the robots address, especially the growing threat of herbicide-resistant weeds.

To provide reporters enough time to connect with Carbon Robotics executives and customers, we offered the announcement under embargo in advance of the publication date. We secured interviews with Fast Company, GeekWire and the Puget Sound Business Journal. Below is some of the coverage generated by this announcement.

Congratulations to the Carbon Robotics team on the recent funding!

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