New Commercial Arts caps good week with Nando’s

It’s been a pretty good week for New Commercial Arts – signing up Judi Dench for MoneySuperMarket and debuting for Alzheimer’s Society – and now it’s won chicken chain Nando’s. Nando’s has flitted around various ad agencies for not very long in recent years, sticking with PR agency Pretty Green for its marketing help for […]

Dentsu imports Angela Tangas from Australia as new UK and Ireland boss

Dentsu International, which seems to be getting its multi-disciplinary act together under Wendy Clark, has raided its Australia and New Zealand operation for its new UK and Ireland CEO. CEO Angela Tangas, will start as UK boss in September. Dentsu’s last such CEO was Euan Jarvie who left in 2021. Tangas is a fan of […]

The Big Story: Attribution Evolves, Media Networks Explode

Digital media has always had great attribution – great last-click attribution, that is. Despite lots of time, effort and money spent convincing marketers to embrace multitouch attribution (MTA), the tactic was doomed. Its Achilles’ heel was an overreliance on user-level tracking, and that was true even before cookies went away. Walled gardens made it more… […]

Will Ad Tech Ever Persuade People The ‘Value Exchange’ Is Worth It?

Even the experts at companies whose future depends on explaining the value exchange of personalized advertising to consumers struggle to make a convincing argument. “It’s amazing that an industry that creates messaging to sell things to people has done such a poor job communicating this very basic value exchange,” said Ana Milicevic, principal and co-founder… […]

Why This Server Company Launched Its First Ad Product – And Why It Won’t Be The Last

Edgemesh Server, a commerce-based site and server operator, launched its first solution targeted at the ad industry this month to help commerce companies identify and root out bots and automated traffic that trigger valueless ad clicks. Edgemesh is one of several new cloud and mar tech solutions that see programmatic advertising and commerce as a… […]

Content, Commercials And Commerce: The Future Of Ads On Netflix

“On TV & Video” is a column exploring opportunities and challenges in advanced TV and video.  Today’s column is by Chris Keune, Kargo VP of data science and product.  Netflix has suffered from flat subscriber growth in recent quarters, tanking the stock price and internal morale. Now, without a diversified revenue model, the company has… […]