My new prediction about Manual CPC

I think in about 3 months we will get an email from Google ads saying they will be removing Manual CPC because “it’s for our own good” and there automated bidding is far superior than anything we could by ourselves by controlling our own bids. The writing is on the wall they’ve already changed the […]

Adwords 10-12 years old accounts with spend of 2-80k USD for sale

Hi I am selling my own used google adwords accounts which have 2k to 80k adspend You can verify the account on anydesk etc first Prices are 500$ each account I have over 50 accounts available for sale These are not farmed but genuinely used accounts You can pm me for more info submitted by […]

Import Google Ads conversion into GA4?

Hi all, I set up Google Ads conversion tracking in Google Tag Manager. I’m wondering if I can take this conversion actions and import them to GA4, so I can see all the data there. Thanks in advance! submitted by /u/Lucky_dog93 [link] [comments]

Strengthening measurement with new tagging capabilities

Sitewide tags are the building blocks of a strong measurement foundation. They help advertisers understand how customers are interacting with their website and ads. But, it’s historically been difficult to set up and manage tags without technical expertise or a tag management platform like Google Tag Manager. To address this, we recently rolled out a […]

Google Ads Youtube Reservation Buys? (Youtube Select / Google Prefered)

Is it possible to buy reserved placements in Youtube via Google Ads? or is this only available through DV360? We’re looking into trying out Youtube Select in the future and from Google Ad’s reach planner you can add “Lineups” into the forecasts but not in the actual campaign. I know you have to reach out […]

Perfomance Max

Hello! I have created “Perfomance Max” campaign and haven’t set up”conversion’s traker” , google talk me to wait 5 days as bit strategy learning. Do I have to wait 5 days for my campaign to start getting impression?Or google is being waited until I set up traker and then start taking impressions? submitted by /u/erickwrightog […]

TROAS vs TCPA vs Manual CPC

Hi guys, running Search for a leadgen business. Basically we generate leads at a certain CPA and during the next months the leads become customers and spend money, become break-even at CPA-level and then generate profits after that. Important: We track all sales the clients do and pass that data to GAds. Since this process […]

Quarterly Roundup | Top PPC News | Q3 2022

Happy Readers, welcome! As Q3 2022 comes to an end, let’s take a closer look at the major PPC platforms to learn about any significant announcements or updates. Google Ads New features to help you customize and improve your Performance Max campaigns: To improve ROI, Google has released new Performance Max features. These features include […]

Google ads works great for the first week

In the last couple of months, I have been trying to use Google ads as a means for advertising for my office, but every time I pause and re-start the campaign the first week is great. I get a few leads and even clients, but then it goes south and hardly get any lead. Have […]