PPC World News Live #152

The top 10 international Pay Per Click Industry News from May 6 to 20, 2022, commented live by Gianpaolo Lorusso, the founder of ADworld Experience. News in the video are commented starting from the #10 & closing with the most important one: #1 Keyword Match Type Segmentation is (Finally) DeadKirk Williams (who used to be […]

How to create, run, and manage marketing campaigns for B2B SaaS businesses

If you’re a marketer in a growth-minded B2B SaaS company, you would know how important it is to create, run and manage goal-oriented B2B SaaS marketing campaigns and achieve success. However, even if you have the world’s perfect software to offer your customers, a poor B2B SaaS marketing strategy can easily make your research and […]

Change Google Ads Expanded Text Ads to Responsive Ads

Hi, I am trying to change my Expanded Text Ads to Responsive Ads – Is there a way for me to to convert the existing Ads to Responsive Ads or do I have to make the Ads from scratch? Thank you! submitted by /u/mijagi217 [link] [comments]

PPCChat | Breaking Into PPC Speaking | 17th May 2022

Greetings happy readers! During this week’s PPCChat session, host Julie F Bacchini sought PPCers views on the speaking engagement at a PPC event, what do they think make a great speaker and more. Q1: Have you spoken at an event (in person or virtual) about a PPC topic? If not, is this something you’re interested […]

Help with Retargeting

I’m trying to setup a retargeting campaign for ads I launched a few days ago, under my audience manager my size is too small to serve for everything, and when I go to data insights it says I need to have a list with more than 1,000 people. When I go to my data sources […]

Global site tag (gtag.js) AW-0? What is that?

When I was troubleshooting my Shopify site I noticed that there is a Global site tag (gtag.js) as ‘AW-0’ – would you know what it is? Thank you submitted by /u/drdotmarketer [link] [comments]

Can you optimise PPC to target new users only?

Is it possible to set Google Ads PPC to target new users / new sessions? I read in this article (https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/intl/en-gb/marketing-strategies/automation/bidding-for-value-automation/?utm_medium=email&utm_source=d-content-alert-visual&utm_team=twg-gb&utm_campaign=twg-gb-cava&utm_content=cta-btn&mkt_tok=MTcyLUdPUC04MTEAAAGEdPMzOoFhqpexb8TIwww7IAT9LRElenr_jVWopsUtVlxcIYiLisPk5U7p2E4AmHt11W2-pBzE9H2ZiY4VvQ9JAnvA5_eXdyfVXymkiGgRMKpqRg) that H&M adopted the “new customer share” and I wasn’t sure how to add this as a customer segment to PPC. submitted by /u/deannestevens [link] [comments]