Google Ads: €2k/month to €0/day

I have a legit business and have been spending ~€2K monthly on Google Search Ads (just one campaign). Since yesterday, my ads suddenly stopped showing for any search terms at all. I’m now getting 0 impressions per day, while usually getting 1k+. I haven’t received any violation, my ad groups and ads all have the […]

Google/Youtube Ads not running yet are enable and eligible

So I’ve created an ad, something I’ve done before and its not running. The ad type: Brand Awareness, Youtube Views CPM: $8.00 Country: Thailand Runtime: 9/18/2021-9/30/2021 Keywords: Anime, Cartoon, Family Audience age: 18-34 Income: Unknown Parental Status: Unknown I’ve created this ad three times because the first ad I created yesterday had the same issue […]

See search terms by location

I’m looking at my results for my impression, and I can see how many impressions per location. Is there a way to look at statitics of just one location? Specifically i’m looking to see what people searched for in that area that triggered my keyword. submitted by /u/xandrew245x [link] [comments]

How Google Close Variants Are Impacting Overall Performance?

Close variants have ramped up over the past few years, as a result of significant changes made in match-type behavior. With the spend on Google Ads search ads increasing, it is likely to be shared amongst the close variants. If not checked in and handled with the right strategy it could result in an increase […]

How to start

Hey My business has been picking up steam so I decided to create a website. That said, the site is ready, and I had the developer connect google analytics to it. What should I check out as a beginner? I have tons of questions about budgeting daily, copywrite, etc etc. submitted by /u/AlternativeRun8507 [link] [comments]

Why there’s NO customer support WHATSOEVER???

I am a PAYING customer with Google Ads. I have an issue with my ads. They are running, I need to see placements, but Google Ads says that there’s no data. I tried MULTIPLE times to contact them. MULTIPLE TIMES! After you become a PAYING CUSTOMER, there’s no phone line you can call, no chat. […]

AdSense Management API v1.4 Sunset Reminder

This is the final reminder that v1.4 of the AdSense Management API will sunset on October 12, 2021. Any requests made this this version will stop working on this date. If you haven’t already migrated to v2 of the AdSense Management API, now is the time to do so. For help with migrating, see our […]

Let ADworld Experience 2021 be (along with its program)

We have just published the (almost) final program of ADworld Experience 2021, which will take place, as scheduled, on October 14 and 15, 2021, live in Bologna (Italy) and via live online streaming. The program is focused, as always, on advanced seminars in Google Ads, Facebook Ads and other networks (Tik Tok and Amazon) on […]