Clean Up Your Martech And Loyalty Tech Ecosystem

We all know that there is a big difference between working hard and working smart. And specifically for marketers, the status quo often makes working smart impossible — functional silos inhibit internal efficiencies and negatively impact the overall customer experience. Some of today’s biggest marketing silos are technology-based — different platforms for different functions. Let’s […]

US Consumer Privacy Attitudes In 2022

Collecting data without infringing on consumers’ privacy and ultimately sacrificing their loyalty and trust is a new marketing imperative. Marketers must avoid regulatory fines and reputational damages and lead the conversation on consumer privacy. Data deprecation, new privacy laws, and the cookiepocalypse are coming. You’re now past the time to revise your approach to data […]

Growth Marketing for Logistics Companies

Logistics companies are important parts of the industrial supply chain. They are leading innovators in improving supply chain management, maximizing efficiency, and streamlining business operations. Because of the nature of their offerings, logistics companies often focus on maximizing their operational value but have little time to think about strategies for growth, such as growth marketing…. […]

Apple’s BIMI Support = Time To Get Serious About DMARC Enforcement

Apple announced on September 12 that its email clients for iOS 16 and macOS will support a broad industry effort to combat brand spoofing and impersonation by implementing Brand Indicators for Message Identification — BIMI for short. This announcement further reinforces Apple’s commitment to security and privacy for its users and its earlier Lockdown Mode […]

Coming Soon: Everything You Want To Know About Consumer Personalization

“Sometimes a personalized experience is nice, but when it is done too often, it loses the ‘special’ aspect. If the personalized experience involves a discount or rebate, then I definitely want to know about it. If it involves something like a Coke bottle with my name on it, I really don’t care. And I get […]