Financial Services Firms Need To Learn How To Earn Customers’ Trust

How successful have financial services firms been in garnering the trust of their customers amidst inflation and market volatility? Not very successful, it seems. Forrester’s Financial Services Customer Trust Index, which measures how much customers trust their banks, credit card issuers, investment firms, and insurance companies, found trust to be relatively weak among customers of […]

Does The Pursuit Of Customer 360 Have You Running In Circles?

No doubt, you’ve heard of it. It’s called by many names: the golden record; the single source of truth. However, it is most often referred to as customer 360. What all these terms are referring to is a holistic view of a customer’s data, covering every single touchpoint and interaction with your company as well […]

What Marketers Need to Know About Google Analytics 4

Google has not made major changes to its analytics platform in 10 years, which means the transition to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is a big deal. For many marketers, Google’s current version, known as Universal Analytics (UA), is all they know. In fact, you have heard about some of the GA4 changes, and you may… […]

Grounding Twitter Ad Dollars Is Common Sense, Not Activism

Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover has been – at best – chaotic and tumultuous. Advertisers are uncertain about what direction the company will take: What will happen with content moderation? Will Twitter become a mainstream Gab with a steady flow of disinformation? While Musk has tweeted that “nothing has changed with content moderation,” racist tweets have […]

Advertisers Pause In Twitter Purgatory

When Twitter first announced its intent (back in April) to be acquired by Elon Musk, Forrester said that disinformation and hate speech are ultimately at stake – And that ad dollars are at risk. In the days following last Friday’s closing of the deal, GM paused its paid advertising on Twitter. Soon after, IPG’s MediaBrands […]