Tesco launches new refillable shopping

Tesco has introduced a new line of 88 products that will help the company to reduce waste. They have partnered with Loop to make this happen. The new feature will allow a customer to buy products from the range and return the containers in store once its contents are finished. The store will then send […]

Everything You Need to Know About Logo Usage Guidelines

Everything You Need to Know About Logo Usage Guidelines Home A logo is probably one of the first things you will make when starting your own business. And, because your logo is essentially the face of your business, it sets the tone and aesthetic of your entire brand.  Setting logo usage guidelines early on is […]

Fortnite x Balenciaga

Fortnite has teamed up with yet another big brand. The Fortnite X Balenciaga collaboration features new ‘skins’ in the Fortnite item shop which was to be expected. To top the cake, Balenciaga has released a new line of ‘Fortnite 2021’ clothing. With its designer name, the pieces range from around $400 – $1,300 and hardly […]

Asos and Primark announce new green pledges

Asos and Primark have both announced their wishes to follow a more sustainable fashion route. The firms have a range of targets that they aim to achieve in the coming years in order to create a better brand. What is Asos doing about sustainability? Asos says it is aiming to achieve a net-zero impact on […]

Seven Easy Ways to Make Customers You Meet Feel Important

One of the most pernicious and underappreciated difficulties in businesses is the fight to feel valued. But What happens when customers feel devalued? In almost all our research, three things happen: Devalued customers destroy your brand’s reputation. Devalued customers don’t come back. Devalued customers will make your competition stronger. Pretend that every single person you […]

TikTok combats suicide searches

TikTok has decided to take a leap in the right direction, by making the app safer to use for people who struggle with mental health. The new features include guides on wellbeing and support for people who are struggling with eating disorders. There is also a search intervention feature that directs users to support resources […]

How to Choose a Logo Icon for Your Brand

How to Choose a Logo Icon for Your Brand Home A logo icon is the center of your brand. An icon is the main focal point of your logo, representing who you are as a business and what you do. That’s why, whether you’re using a logo maker like Tailor Brands (that’s us!) or designing […]

How Brands Can Drive Success on YouTube with Unique Ads

Most of the marketers consider YouTube as the best platform for video advertising. But running an ordinary YouTube ad campaign may not offer excellent results. To get impressive results, marketers need to push the boundaries of storytelling and create unique, unforgettable ads that resonate deeply with audiences. Brands that use fresh, creative ways for storytelling […]

Types of Business Entities: Everything You Need to Know

Types of Business Entities: Everything You Need to Know Home With so many complexities involved in launching a new business, the last thing you need is confusing information about which entity to choose. In simplest terms, a business entity (also called a business structure) refers to the structure of a business. The type of business […]