The Celebration and Significance of Dasara in India

Who says India does not have a holiday season? We do have one! Quiet literally! For many of us, the ‘festival season’ lasts 2-3 months. It begins with the Ganesha festival, continues through Dasara, and ends with Deepawali. It also includes minor celebrations like Nag Panchami, Gauri festival, Bhai Dooj, Bathukamma, etc., depending on where […]

Forum Post: RE: Count number of Activities per Opportunity

Hi ChrisCadden , In case you used my described method then you need know about two things. Advanced Find: Make your query on it. Download the query. Open it in Fetch XML Builder on the XRM Toolbox. Format your query in JS It is very simple if compared with your one. If I answer your […]

Forum Post: RE: Column status in User view

i have created a microsoft idea for this … we may not be the only ones to have this as an ADF view (modern ADF) in columns of systemuser entity (personal plus systemviews of course): Microsoft Idea ( sometimes i really wonder how they can create such fields and then forget to make it possible […]

Forum Post: RE: Show custom activity in Related or Common Tab

Hi Abdul-Shahied Shahid , I am wondering whether I am sharing something correct or wrong. I created a new activity table. Create a ‘many-to-one’ relationship from the activity table to the desired table. I can add a subgrid for it If my understanding is not correct. Can you please elaborate on your problem more? If […]

Forum Post: RE: Conditional Statement on a lookup field in JS

Hi Alex Br , Add alerts or debug the code in both conditions where it is working and where it is not working. The issue might be resolved by you. If I answer your question then please mark it as verified. Let me know if I can provide you with more details. Thanks Regards, Abdul […]