Forum Post: RE: Dynamics 365 CE Edit Filter Criteria Error

Hi Bipin, Thank you so much for introducing the useful blog. I have followed the steps to try to revert the searchable property of the Field from “No” to β€œyes”, but the setup is disabled (gray). Screen as below: How should I do? Thank you in advance.

Forum Post: RE: Internal emails are being tracked in Dynamics 365

Thanks Don Wisch I know this happens in our environment too. I don’t know if that the case still digging. I was also trying to look at the personal settings of the users. Most are novice users so them going in and changing the default. So far every is set to allow tracking on email […]

Forum Post: annotation-Analytics table

Hi, Does anybody of you have any experience with annotation-Analytics table? Within one day it has been grown up from 585 MB to 220 000 MB πŸ™‚ Any idea why, what data is stored there, how to access it and finally how to delete records from there? I very appreciate any yr help in advance […]