7 of the Best Welcome Emails We’ve Seen (And Why They Work)

First impressions matter in marketing—just as they do in real life. Your welcome emails are the perfect opportunity to leave a great first impression on new email subscribers. One that signals the beginning of a long-term relationship and moves prospects forward in their buyer’s journey. Best of all, welcome emails are the types of emails […]

Lessons from Bankruptcy Drive Ecom Agency Founder

Josh Durham knows the downside of entrepreneurship. He founded an ecommerce company in 2015 and quickly grew revenue. Then it went out of business. Fast forward to 2021 and Durham has bounced back. He launched a successful marketing agency, Aligned Growth Management, that builds on his own early-day lessons. The post Lessons from Bankruptcy Drive […]

Long-Term Strategies for Sustainable Growth

Reading Time: 9 minutes Once a business or brand has begun, there’s usually only one goal to consistently aim for—growth. Expanding a business is an almost never-ending objective, with many different ways to pursue it. However, with merchants chasing an ever-brightening horizon, there’s one thing that they should try to keep in mind—sustainability. This makes […]

5 Differences Between Fulfillment by Amazon and Seller Fulfilled Prime

The critical importance of selling on Amazon is difficult to overstate. More specifically, the benefits of selling on Amazon Prime cannot be ignored. The marketplace giant’s Prime program plays a starring role in day-to-day operations of brands and retailers of all shapes and sizes. In fact, with 200 million Prime members worldwide spending an average […]

How to Prepare Your Affiliate Program for the Holidays

The end-of-year holidays offer lots of opportunities for SaaS and software companies to boost sales and brand recognition.  Take full advantage of this season by preparing and rewarding your affiliate network. 1. Align Affiliates and Your Other Marketing Channels  It’s essential to get all of your marketing channels on the same page so you can […]

Data Shows How Quickly Users Are Adopting iOS 15 Privacy Features

Reading Time: 3 minutes On Monday, September 20th, iOS 15 was released to the public. The release date was announced at the September 14 Apple Event, which saw the introduction of new iPhones, iPads, and Watches. Before Monday, a smaller group of users had been trialing the beta version of iOS 15.  At Omnisend, we’ve […]

How to Brand Your Business: 7 Steps From a Brand Owner

As a savvy entrepreneur or marketer, you are probably wondering: what can I do to differentiate my brand from an endlessly long list of cutthroat competitors? The short answer is branding. Whether you’re actively managing your brand identity or not, it exists. And the chances of coming out as the ideal choice to your potential […]

E-Commerce Affiliate Marketing: How to Get More Sales in 2021

Affiliate marketing is nothing new. The concept of paying people to say nice things about your products has (probably) been around since humankind first learned to control fire. But there’s been a noticeable uptick in search interest around affiliate marketing over the past five years: So it’s no surprise that over four-fifths of advertisers already […]