Vaibhav Sisinty: Wolf of Linkedin ?

Personal Branding , getting thousand’s of leads and landing your dream job are your goals then yes you are at the right place and at the… Continue reading on Medium »

Digital Housekeeping: How To Market Your Post-COVID Property For Proper Returns

As expected, opportunity in the post-COVID market has shifted. And so far it seems clear that it’s shifted in favor of property owners and real estate investors. As the demand for shorter-term stays and flexible accommodations continues to climb, anyone with an address—whether it’s a full vacation home or just a spare bedroom—is well-positioned to […]

The stakes have never been lower

Almost every time I write, record, or post something, I hear this little Noid in my head say, “Haven’t they heard enough from you, dude?”… Continue reading on Medium »

7 Influencer Marketing Trends Expected in 2021

As the world emerges from the pandemic and the aftermath left in its wake, influencer marketing, not unlike a vast majority of industries, will find itself changed. As people were forced to rely on virtual instead of in-person experiences and spent more time on social networks instead of in-person events and meetings, influencer marketing suddenly […]