How To Apply Monroe’s Motivated Sequence In Your Sales Content

My son was taking a speech class at IUPUI and shared with me a technique taught for persuasive speeches, Monroe’s motivated sequence. I’m sure it’s one of those lessons I took but eventually forgot since I’ve not been in class for a very, very long time. Alan H. Monroe was an American psychologist, author, and expert […]

Closing Data Gaps Across Different Domains In Financial Services

Targeted advertising and marketing in financial services generates a huge payoff. That payoff can be exponentially increased by six to seven times through personalized messages offered in real-time through contextualized data. These benefits are built on the foundations of real-time customer listening through data collection and identity resolution, making real-time customer data platforms (CDPs) a […]

Este é um desabafo de quem já viu o seu trabalho e o de seus colegas de profissão ser desvalorizado e reduzido inúmeras vezes. Continue reading on Medium »

Murf: A Voiceover Studio With Voices Powered By Artificial Intelligence (AI)

I’ve personally done a few voiceover jobs for other companies and thoroughly enjoyed the work. It’s not easy work, though. Annunciation, inflection, tone… all require practice. Not to mention having a great studio to record in for outstanding voice quality. There are challenges with voiceovers, though. Talent – it’s not always easy to find the […]

String Locator: How To Locate Code In A WordPress Theme or Plugin

The theme Martech Zone is using is no longer supported and the developers have disappeared, so I’ve been managing development myself. It’s been quite a challenge but the theme was pretty well-developed so I’ve been able to make a ton of customizations as well as retire some of the features that I’d never be using. […]

Strikingly: Build A Personal Website, Small Business Site, or Online Store in Minutes

There are many people in the digital marketing industry that promote content management or e-commerce platforms simply because they have experience in deploying them. I’m definitely not knocking those agencies, designers, or consultants for executing what they do well and with the tools, they have experience with. However, I do wish more folks with expertise […]