Email Sequences: HubSpot vs. BenchmarkONE

Sometimes, it’s not about how many leads you generate; it’s about what you do with those leads once they’re in your database. Generating leads is a wasted effort if you let leads go untouched in your CRM.  Providing adequate outreach through a series of touchpoints not only helps you stay on top of recently generated […]

Message Testing: How to Optimize Your Landing Page Copywriting

If design is the body of the landing page, copywriting is its lifeblood.  Yet, when asked, how many of you could quantify exactly which bits of copy are resonating and which bits are boring or turning off your audience? Not only that, but how do you gauge the impact of your messaging in a crowded […]

Bringing You Up to Speed on Web3 and its Impact on Digital Marketing

Digital trends are continuously evolving, and as marketers, we must constantly keep on top of industry-changing trends to stay in the know, remain relevant, and maximize marketing effectiveness. One such industry-changing recent trend which we are sure you’ve stumbled upon is Web3 – an improved form of the current internet-type projected to be the next… […]

I will build digital marketing plan and strategy for your business

Hello, You are Highly Welcome to My Business Plan/Marketing Plan Service I will provide you with the needed strategic support and business plan to grow your business and boost your SALES. If you are planning of starting a business, or Your business is not growing well, maybe you still want to broadcast your business on […]

Searching for tools to increase followers with good affiliate program

Hey guys, I have a new website, I will make a youtube channel and other social media accounts to be connected with it, I want to choose a tool to market for it by affiliate.. writing articles about it and maybe shooting vids for it too. I think that most thing my target audience is […]