The Ultimate Guide of B2B Marketing in 2022

Marketing is an art. And effective marketing is a difficult skill to master. If you work in marketing or even take part in it, you’ll know that trends change and evolve all the time. However, your audience is the most crucial component of effective marketing. Jump Directly to 1 . What is  Business to Business […]

3 Vendasta automations that will improve your sales

Discover three simple Vendasta sales automations that can improve conversion rates and boost sales. Learn more. The post 3 Vendasta automations that will improve your sales appeared first on Vendasta Blog.

The Pros and Cons of Text-Based Email Versus HTML

Which is better: text-based emails or HTML? The debate is almost as old as email marketing itself. In 2011 and 2014, HubSpot asked survey takers which they prefer, and both years a majority chose HTML. In practice, though, simple, text-based email designs win out time and time again in A/B testing. Of course, it would… […]

10 Positive Feedback Examples Your Employees Need to Hear

Years ago, I worked at an office where the only time I ever heard from my manager was if I fell short of expectations. Without positive feedback, I felt like all of my wins went unnoticed and that they didn’t matter nearly as much as my losses. This caused me to lose motivation and my […]

The Meaning of Employee Relations

Workplace culture and strong internal relationships are undeniably critical for your company’s long-term success. Focusing your efforts on employee relations, and cultivating good relationships between employers and employees can help your Human Resources department mitigate conflict, build trust between team members, and decrease turnover rates. If the term ‘employee relations’ makes you furrow your brows […]

How to Give Your Two Weeks’ Notice [+ 3 Examples]

Giving your two weeks notice is never easy, particularly if you have a good relationship with your boss and colleagues, or you feel they’ve invested time and energy into your professional development. If you’re wondering how to give two weeks notice without hurting your relationship with your employer, you’re in luck. There are particular actions […]

The Ultimate Guide to On-Page SEO in 2022

On-page SEO has the power to bring countless new visitors — and customers — right to your website. Additionally, on-page SEO is also completely up to you: You get to establish what the topic and/or goal of each page will be. You get to decide on the target audience for that page. And you get […]

Benefits of combining your CRM and project management

Should you combine your sales CRM and project management? If you’re thinking about it, then check out the benefits of this powerful combination. The post Benefits of combining your CRM and project management appeared first on Vendasta Blog.

How to Manage a Remote Email Marketing Team: 5 Productivity Tools

Image Source: Freepik Email remains one of the most effective marketing channels: with an average ROI of $38 gained to $1 spent. Nowadays, businesses big and small use email not just to directly promote their products but also to share exclusive content and offers their audience might enjoy, provide one-to-one customer support (or redirect recipients to… […]