MOps leaders as psychologists: The modern mind-readers

This four-part series presents a framework that describes the roles and responsibilities of marketing operations leaders. This part discusses MOps leaders as psychologists, in addition to their roles as modernizers (see part 1) and orchestrators (see part 2). Exposure to marketing during my early educational journey was limited. With a heavy math/science background, I chose […]

Marketing beyond boundaries at Opticon

Twitter wall at Opticon. “The digital execution gap is wider than it’s ever been and gets wider every day,” Kirsten Allegri Williams, CMO of Opticon, told media and analysts at Opticon, Optimizely’s conference in San Diego this week. The gap is between the experiences customers increasingly expect and demand from brands and the struggle most […]

How to decide if you need a digital events platform

Event marketing has changed radically in the last two years because of the pandemic.  It shuttered in-person shows and conferences, forcing brands to use digital events to connect with customers and prospects. This spurred demand for digital events platforms (DEP) that could hopefully deliver the value once created at in-person events. Although in-person events are taking […]

Steady state and the trigger for change

If, every time there’s a dish in the sink, you load and run the dishwasher and scrub the entire kitchen, you’re never going to get anything else done. On the other hand, if you wait until the sink is overflowing and the kitchen is filthy before you work on it, you’re going to spend a […]

FuboTV reports big ad gains from Unified ID 2.0

Live TV streaming company FuboTV announced ad performance results from using open-source identity solution Unified ID 2.0. The company is the first CTV partner for Unified ID 2.0, and they use it through The Trade Desk’s programmatic platform. As one of the leading alternative identifiers in adtech, Unified ID 2.0 was developed by The Trade […]

What is a digital events platform and how can it help you?

The COVID pandemic condensed nearly a decade of digital business transformation into just a few months. Companies in every sector scrambled to adapt to the new realities. Travel restrictions, masking, and social distancing requirements spawned by the pandemic compelled B2B companies to adopt new ways of engaging with customers. Relationships between businesses and their suppliers […]

How to mine data from online events

Online events have become a valuable marketing channel for businesses of all sizes, especially during the pandemic, when live events were scaled back. Mining data from online events, however, requires specific strategies to measure intent and move prospects through the funnel. “Online events tend to draw larger audiences than in-person events — at least that’s […]

Google Search Console data logging issue on September 21st

The search performance report in Google Search Console had a data logging issue on September 21, 2022. This caused some data to not be presented in the search performance report on that date, potentially making it appear that you had fewer visitors from Google Search on that day. Google said it is working on replacing […]

Performance Max import and 6 other new Microsoft product updates

The Q4 holiday rush is in full swing and Microsoft has just unveiled 7 new updates for October. In addition to the release of Multimedia Ads, Smart Campaigns, and a Multi-platform solution, Microsoft is pulling out all the stops with new tracking templates, markets, and shopping feed improvements. Let’s take a look. Performance Max import […]

How to stop wasting brand search spend – and save it with automation

What if you could automatically turn off bidding on your brand terms when no other rivals are in the picture, and you’re already positioned number one organically? The savings could be substantial.  It all starts with Lone Rangers. Who is that masked figure? Lone Rangers defined: A ‘Lone Ranger’ is a brand search term for […]