10 Rules On How To Respond To A Negative Review Online

Running a business can be incredibly challenging. Whether you’re assisting a business with its digital transformation, published a mobile app, are a retail outlet, chances are that you’re not going to meet the expectations of your clients someday. In a social world with public ratings and reviews, your chances of getting some negative online reviews […]

Lead Extractor app helps you build lead easily from phone

Lead extractor (lead hunter) app helps you extract emails and building lead just base on your preferred keyword. All you need is input your keyword to this app and click start extracting. This app supports extract lead from a specific country. You can extract lead/email from any country you want not only your country! ​ […]

Increase Your Visibility and Organic Installs with Keyword Enrichment

A keyword analysis is the first step in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) copywriting process. Investigating and researching keywords is an essential element of optimization to increase your ranking on any platform. Additionally, keyword enrichment is critical to increasing your visibility and organic installs and a crucial part of app store optimization. When creating your […]

How To Add Your Agency To Manage Your Google Business Listing

We’ve been working with several customers where local search visitors are critical to the acquisition of new customers. While we work on their site to ensure it’s geographically targeted, it’s also critical that we work on their Google Business Listing. Why You Must Maintain a Google Business Listing Google search engine results pages are broken […]

3 Powerful Examples of How to use Mobile App Beacon Technology to Boost Retail Sales

Too few businesses are taking advantage of the untapped possibilities of integrating beacon technology into their apps to increase personalization and the chances of closing a sale ten-fold using proximity marketing vs traditional marketing channels. While the beacon technology revenue was 1.18 billion US dollars in 2018, it’s estimated to reach a 10.2 billion US dollars […]

New to Affiliate Marketing? Don’t Make These Rookie Mistakes [e-book]

Mistakes: We’ve all made them. Whether big or little, every mistake is a valuable learning experience. Still, when you’re new to affiliate marketing, and one mistake could send your program down the wrong path … wouldn’t you rather avoid them altogether?    Instead of creating yet another to-do list, we wanted to share what marketers should not do to […]

Connect Partner Spotlight: ConsumerVoice

In this month’s Connect Partner Spotlight, we’re highlighting a company you may have encountered while researching new mattresses or shopping for pet food: ConsumerVoice. Like their name implies, ConsumerVoice is all about getting you the ratings and reviews you need to make a smart purchase decision. Find out how they work and how they could […]

Learning Platform Preply Aces Customer Acquisition with TUNE [Case Study]

Preply is an online language learning platform that connects more than 49,000 tutors with learners from all over the world. Users can book a lesson in seconds via mobile or desktop, and then enter a virtual classroom to receive one-on-one tutoring via live video. As a digital company, Preply knows how important it is to […]

Beta Testing iOS 15 and iCloud+ Private Relay

Source: Apple When Apple announced iOS 15 at WWDC in June, they stirred up quite the fervor with the latest privacy updates (a predictable pattern for the last couple of years). “No more IP address in Safari” seemed to be the big takeaway. Now that we’re getting closer to the September release of iOS 15, […]