Evocalize: Collaborative Marketing Technology for Local and National-to-Local Marketers

When it comes to digital marketing, local marketers have historically struggled to keep up. Even those who do experiment with social media, search, and digital advertising often fail to attain the same success that national marketers achieve. That’s because local marketers typically lack crucial ingredients  — such as marketing expertise, data, time, or resources — for […]

What Is Zero-Party, First-Party, Second-Party, and Third-Party Data

There’s a healthy debate online between the needs of companies to improve their targeting with data and the rights of consumers to protect their personal data. My humble opinion is that companies have abused data for so many years that we’re seeing a justified backlash across the industry. While good brands have been highly responsible, […]

Boost your mobile game’s video ads thanks to storytelling

What makes a great mobile game trailer? Upbeat music? Great gameplay? A click-worthy CTA? A dynamic voice-over? All that and more. There are many ways to promote your mobile game with your preview video (or even other genres of apps), but however you decide to take advantage of that tool, you can’t ignore the need […]