EmpiresX SEC & CFTC cases stayed pending Hague service

Both the SEC’s and CFTC’s civil cases against EmpiresX and its owners have been administratively stayed. In separate orders filed on September 19th and 28th, Judge Altonaga stayed the cases pending service on defendants Emerson Pires and Flavio Goncalves. Pires and Goncalves ran EmpiresX. Both defendants, who have also been criminally charged, fled to Brazil […]

Awakend Review: Zenith weight loss autoship recruitment

Awakend fails to provide ownership and corporate information on its website. The company also fails to provide a corporate address. On the “contact us” section of their website, Awakend states it has “limited support”. Any questions are to be directed to Awakend uplines. Awakend entered prelaunch in early August. This is cited as a reason […]

Los Angeles Tribune releases their Top 10 Self Improvement Books of all Time

You might find this interesting; you might agree to some of it, if not all of it, or it might just make you downright upset. These lists are always challenging and somewhat subjective, which is what makes them so much fun in the first place. So, here’s what we did. We asked our organizational leaders, […]

Antares Trade deletes YouTube account, pretends “suspended”

Antares Trade has deleted its official YouTube channel. In what appears to be an attempt to mask the second stage of its exit-scam, Antares Trade falsely claimed YouTube suspended the account. Attempts to access Antares’ Trade’s YouTube channel reveal the standard 404 message: Shortly after the account was deleted, Antares Trade posted about it on […]

8 Minute Trader Review: Inside Youngevity’s forex opp

Youngevity’s foray into forex trading popped up on BehindMLM’s radar back in January. We didn’t have a company name but knew Sal Leto was involved. Leto’s past raised a red flag but we didn’t see anything overtly out of compliance. In July 2022 Youngevity’s forex offering was given the name 8 Minute Trader. A launch […]

DreamTrips Review v2: Who is Verona International Holdings?

Following its Chapter 11 bankruptcy, DreamTrips emerged as the successor to WorldVentures about a year ago. DreamTrips came about as a result of Verona International Holdings acquiring WorldVentures’, namely the MLM company and Rovia (WorldVentures’ in-house travel services provider). BehindMLM reviewed DreamTrips in November 2021, following a November 16th launch announcement. A reader recently wrote […]

Luiz Capuci Jr. upset SEC pursuing him in Brazil

Upon learning of an investigation into his Ponzi scheme Mining Capital Coin, Luiz Capuci Jr. abandoned his life in the US and fled to Brazil. It was a calculated move, with Capuci believing Brazil’s policy of not extraditing its citizens would protect him from justice. Unfortunately that hasn’t quite panned out. While the DOJ’s criminal […]

Speaking In Front of An Audience Without Panic

What You’ll Discover In This Episode:Speaking In Front of An Audience Without PanicMy 5-Step Process For Fearless SpeakingStepping Up Your Network Marketing Game For Fun & ProfitsSpeaking In Front of An Audience Without PanicIt’s the first week of October.This means Halloween is right around the corner.And this conversion might be a little scary for some […]