Jon Tetreault settles Trade Coin Club fraud for $780,795

Jonathan Tetreault has settled Trade Coin Club fraud with the SEC for $780,795. Tetreault’s Consent Judgment was filed on November 18th, resolving the SEC’s case against him. Tetreault is one of four defendants sued by the SEC earlier this month. The regulator alleges the four scammers ran and/or promoted the Trade Coin Club Ponzi scheme. […]

OmegaPro collapses, withdrawals disabled for three weeks

Following withdrawals being disabled for two weeks and ongoing website issues, BehindMLM is calling OmegaPro’s collapse. OmegaPro affiliates began reporting being locked out of their accounts on or around November 7th. This was remedied but affiliates were still blocked from entering the forex section of OmegaPro’s website, through which the Ponzi scheme is run. As […]

NovaTech FX securities fraud cease & desist from California

NovaTech FX has been issued a securities fraud cease and desist by California’s Department of Financial Protection & Innovation (DFPI). The notice marks the first regulatory action against NovaTech FX by a US regulator. DFPI’s November 22nd cease and desist applies to: NovaTech LTD (St. Vincent & Grenadines shell company); NovaTech Advisors LLC (Florida company); […]

OneCoin holding Ponzi event in 2022 @ Crowne Plaza, UK

OneCoin founder Ruja Ignatova is on the FBI’s most wanted list. Sheltered by Bulgarian authorities, OneCoin itself is still operational. As part of ongoing efforts to lure new investors into the $4 billion scam, OneCoin is holding a marketing event London next month. To dupe investors, OneCoin now brands itself as One Ecosystem. Tickets to […]

iComTech founder David Carmona arrested in the US

iComTech founder David Carmona has been arrested in the US. Carmona’s arrest follows indictment by a Grand Jury in the Southern District of New York. In addition to Carmona, iComTech promoters Marco Ruiz Ochoa, Moses Valdez, Juan Arellano, David Brend and Gustavo Rodriguez have also been indicted and arrested. BehindMLM reviewed iComTech in October 2018. […]

Eric Worre distances himself as OmegaPro Ponzi collapses

OmegaPro is collapsing and the scumbags that ran, promoted and enabled the Ponzi scheme are abandoning ship. Back in May 2022 MLM veteran Eric Worre joined OmegaPro corporate as Official Strategic Coach. Now that there’s no more money to steal, Worre is distancing himself from the fast-collapsing Ponzi. Worre claims he was prompted to record […]

QZ Asset Management Review: BDAI trading Ponzi scheme

QZ Asset Management operates in the financial investment MLM niche. The company also goes by QZ Invest and represents it is based out of Guangzhou, China. Supposedly heading up QZ Asset Management is Blake Yeung. Yeung doesn’t have a verifiable digital footprint. This could be due to language-barriers. While QZ Asset Management doesn’t have an […]

Carlos Martinez & Alisha Shepperd settle Forsage Ponzi fraud

Forsage promoter defendants Carlos Martinez and Alisha Shepperd have settled with the SEC. Both Martinez’s and Shepperd’s settlements are partial. This is ultimately a moot point, as both Martinez’s and Shepperd’s (right) settlements prohibit further acts of securities fraud; prohibit participation in pyramid schemes; prohibit participation in “crypto asset securities” schemes (basically any passive investment […]