How to Come Up With Content Ideas [Tips and Tools]

How to Come Up With Content Ideas [Tips and Tools] Coming up with new content ideas should not be difficult. Check out the tips below and create your long list in now-time! What is your favorite blog? Who is your favorite content creator? You might have thought about; ‘how do these people come up with […]

It Was Just a Printer Cartridge…

I ordered and received new printer cartridges.  I installed them and they worked.  I did this over two weeks ago.  I got this email survey from HP yesterday. I guess it’s asking about my purchase experience.  I can only guess because it’s hard to decipher.  This email created its own experience and if HP were […]

Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators – September 24, 2021

Happy Fall, y’all! Put down your PSLs and jump into the best articles, posts, tips, and more from around the world of nonprofit marketing and fundraising like they were a big ol’ pile of leaves. This week we have Instagram Reels and TikTok tips, a new feature on a forgotten social network, thoughts on Apple’s […]

16 Simple Things Your Best Donors Want

Here’s my list of essential major donor needs that you must aim to fulfill: Your best donors want you to do the important work they can’t or won’t do. Your best donors want you to give them the credit and praise for your achievements. They want to be the hero in the story, not you. […]

Curious What Messaging and Graphics Big Nonprofits Are Testing Right Now?

If you are curious about messaging and visual trends in the nonprofit sector, Facebook will show you some of what big nonprofits are testing right now. For all the headaches for small nonprofits that Facebook creates, this is one relatively new development that is actually helpful! Pick a big national or international nonprofit that you […]

Best practices in matching gift and challenge campaigns

How can you make your fundraising campaigns stretch farther? By implementing challenge campaigns and matching gifts strategies. A challenge campaign is just what it sounds like: A ‘challenge’ is given to donors to raise a certain amount of money by a certain amount of time. If the challenge is complete, there is typically a matching […]

Fundraising: From Galaxy to Gutter

“Coincidence” is in the eye of the beholder. And coincidentally both my digital inbox and my television set conspired to deliver three visions of different– three distinctly different– channels and approaches to fundraising.  Some lofty.  Some noble.  Some self-serving. Inspired by Inspiration4 Beyond flogging the future of “space tourism” the main goal of SpaceX’s Inspiration4 […]

How to Use Testimonials Effectively on Your Nonprofit Website [EXAMPLES]

It’s no secret that stories and quotes are powerful tools for nonprofit marketers to keep on hand. But learning how to use testimonials on your website effectively is a skill that can get overlooked as website content comes together. Taking all of the testimonials that your organization has on hand and strategically working them into […]

3 Things Your Organization Needs to Know about Corporate Philanthropy

Corporate philanthropy is a key component of corporate social responsibility, which is a category of initiatives held by businesses to improve society in some way. While these efforts often include prioritizing environmentally friendly work practices or committing to offering fair wages to employees, corporate philanthropy has to do with supporting nonprofit organizations via charitable donations […]

“Unsubscribe” is not a Dirty Word in Email Marketing

As a user experience consultant at Blackbaud, I’m often tasked with reviewing a nonprofit customer’s email messages to see if any improvements could be made. One of the improvements I often suggest is to make the unsubscribe link easier to find. Let’s face the facts here – we all have them, so why hide them? […]