2021 Holiday Retail Blog Series: Last Minute Holiday Shoppers & How to Reach Them

Selling All the Way to the End: 4 Tips for Attracting Procrastinating Customers There are always going to be shoppers who wait until the last minute to make their holiday purchases. Sometimes these procrastinators even wait beyond the last minute and completely miss shipping cut-off dates. But that doesn’t mean you should just ignore their […]

“There’s No Click Fraud In My Industry” – And Other Misconceptions

Speak to anyone working in digital marketing and almost all of them have heard of click fraud and ad fraud. But ask them if they think it affects them and the answer is often, “Probably not”. I actually spoke to a marketing manager a few weeks back who mentioned he didn’t think that fake clicks […]

2021 Holiday Retail Blog Series: Personalized Marketing Campaigns for the Holidays

Consumers No Longer “Go Shopping.” They are ALWAYS Shopping. With marketplaces becoming increasingly crowded, it’s critical that brands ensure their products are easily discoverable through personalized ad campaigns. This will increase brand exposure and provide an opportunity to differentiate from competitors and capture market share. Here’s how you can do that. Tip 1: Be sure […]

2021 Holiday Retail Blog Series: Capture Holiday Audiences at All Critical Moments

To break through all of the holiday retail noise, you need to create an exceptionally effective messaging framework for your distinct audience personas that really hones in on their individual desires and barriers. What does your brand offer that will make their life significantly better? We recommend a six-step framework to determine messaging and positioning […]

Google to Start Sharing More Query Data With Advertisers

Moving forward, Google will start to provide advertisers with more query data while they remove older search term data. Here is what advertisers need to know! In a recent announcement, Google stated that it will start to provide advertisers with more search term data. This usage arrived almost precisely a year after they originally decided […]

5 Key Holiday Ecommerce Tips for Brands

Published September 17, 2021 For some, September marks the beginning of pumpkin spice and decorating for autumn or Halloween. For brands and advertisers, it’s the commencement of Cyber Week and holiday preparation. While Cyber Week and the gift-giving season are still over two months away, there’s no time like the present to construct and optimize […]

Why Digital Fraud Prevention Has Become An Essential Business Service

Business is booming. In 2021, online spending has hit over $4.9 trillion. That’s a lot of zeroes. This means that for every $5 spent globally in 2021, $1 is spent online. Of course, where there is money, fraudsters are sure to follow. And this is one of the main reasons for the huge growth in […]

2021 Holiday Retail Blog Series: Tips for Designing a Holiday Action Plan

Last holiday season, the focus was on keeping family and friends safe during the pandemic with consumers shopping and celebrating the season mainly from home. As we previously discussed, many elements of our pandemic lifestyles will carry over to this season and beyond – for example, more consumers are expected to continue shopping online this […]