How to make GIFs (and use them, too!)

After several years in the mainstream, GIFs are no longer relegated to just funny internet memes. In fact, thoughtfully-designed GIFs seem to appear everywhere we look these days! Whether you love them, love to hate them, or wish you knew how to make GIFs; they’re here to stay. Companies large and small are creating GIFs […]

How To Embed Video Codes From Any Source

A video embed code is a string of code containing a video’s data: its URL, size, and name, among other variables. These codes allow you to show video content on your blog and landing pages. And you definitely want video content on your blog and landing pages—research by Wistia showed that videos boost session time […]

10 Ways Video Content Marketing Can Increase Your Website Traffic

Using videos to drive more visitors to your website is a smart move. Such is the popularity of videos, that big and small companies are investing thousands of dollars in video content creation. Keeping people on your site for an extended period is likewise an effective marketing approach. Using …

Video Hero: How Ellen Lichtenstein Uses Videos To Boost AgentSync’s Blogs’ ROI

Google Search is the first marketing channel for most companies. It’s free to use and an easy way to drive people to your website. However, promoting your product using only one channel, like Google Search, limits the number of potential customers who see your product and creates uncertainty. There’s a near-infinite amount of written content […]