Over 150 people die every day from overdoses related to synthetic opioids like fentanyl. At up to 50x stronger than heroin, even in small doses it can be deadly. As part of our work with CDC, we needed to sound the alarm with those most at risk of an overdose.

Equal parts arresting visual display and data visualization, the video took our audience on a metaphorical deep dive into the dangers of fentanyl. We used 3D animation and a grayscale color palette to create our story, punctuating it with bright yellows that added emphasis and a sense of danger. The use of constant motion, turns, falls, and environmental changes, kept our audience on their toes…serving as a visual cue for the lack of control they have over what is in their drugs.

Our journey ended on a message that was sure to stick: Drugs don’t come with an ingredients list. If someone takes drugs laced with fentanyl, they wouldn’t be able to see it, smell it, or taste it.