Almost 10 years ago I started up a web design company.

The name I gave it was a made up name which has both advantages and disadvantages.
I do not want to reveal the full name here but to give you a better understanding it is like this:
[made up word] design

One great thing with this is that no matter if you write just the made up word or full company name my companies website will appear , also all search results are usually about my company.

Bad things are that no one is sure how to pronounce the name, the name doesn’t sound anything like an authoritative nor a creative company. Also whenever I talk to someone first time and say “my companies name is [made up word] design” most of them think my company works only with design.

Since the beginning I have been adding services and the company isn’t anymore about web design only. Right now I am trying to simply focus on specialize in SEO and helping companies grow that way while other services are outsourced. However 80%+ of my contracts for next 2-3 years will be mostly for SEO projects.

I have been considering of two alternatives if I choose to change company name:

  1. Replacing the design to something more appropriate
  2. Changing 100% of the name.

Most likely it will be #1 to just replace ‘design’.


I would love to hear your thoughts. From your experience which alternative could be better ? Also do you have any other suggestions ?

Feel free to include your favorite books & YouTube Channels where I could get great ideas for coming up with a new company name that is both authoritative & creative ?

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