Circleboom Publish Social Media Marketing Platform

If you’re a brand, the ability to centralize your social media marketing in a single, intuitive social media management platform is critical to saving time and deploying your strategy. Features and benefits include:

  • Multi-account management – Circleboom’s multi-account manager makes it easy to manage Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts from a single platform

Connect Twitter, Facebook LinkedIn, Google My Business, Instagram, Pinterest

  • Optimize your posts – Social media post engagement is directly correlated with the intuitive content design, and if something is engaging, it will have a greater chance of success. You can create a special post design for every platform that fits with Instagram image size, Facebook image size, Linkedin image size, Twitter and Pinterest post image size.

Optimize social platform image sizes

  • Canva Integration – With Circleboom’s built-in Canva integration, you have access to millions of graphics images and templates.

Canva Social Media Designer

  • Schedule or Queue – Upload your social media posts in bulk and automate your posts on your Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram or Google My Business account and page.

Schedule or Queue Social Media Posts

  • RSS Integration – Connect your blog, podcast, or video feed to your Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Google My Business, or other social media accounts at any time you want.

RSS Feed to Social Media Post Automation

  • Content Curation – curate quality articles or images and share them to provide a consistent stream of valuable content to your followers.

Social Media Content Curation

Circleboom Publish is an affordable platform that starts for free and then expands its social media platform support, number of accounts, and design features as you move up in packages.

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