Content Marketing for PR: How to build brand visibility, influence and trust in today's social age

Content Marketing for PR: How to build brand awareness by creating and distributing a rich content package has been one of PR professionals’ goals for years. Increasingly, content is recognized as an integral part of the strategy for building and maintaining long-term positive relations within the marketplace. As such, content marketing for PR continues to evolve and take shape on multiple levels-from content creation and distribution (both online and offline) to communications and promotions. Brand awareness and credibility have also been key components of content success for PR. However, many professional services have yet to truly understand and harness the benefits inherent in the information highway’s ever-changing face.

Trevor D. Young is the Executive Vice President of Strategic Content at BCG, one of the world’s largest providers of public information services. He explains the “evolution of PR” in his recently published book, “Content Marketing for PR: How to Build Brand Awareness and Credibility by Creating and Maintaining a Well-Designed Content Package.” As he suggests in this engaging eBook, a balanced approach between PR and social media is essential to effectively leverage current technologies to increase company visibility and, subsequently, sales

Young not only discusses the “PR wave” in the context of digital and social media, but he provides a framework for understanding the “PR wave” as a whole-an evolving set of approaches and technologies that impact the communication process from its inception all the way through its successful execution.

In addition to providing a valuable reference for PR professionals, Content Marketing for PR: How to Build Brand Awareness by creating and distributing a well-designed content package, Young’s book serves as a helpful guide for those charged with managing or responsible for cultivating social media profiles. In particular, the timely discussions regarding topics such as the importance of tone, target demographic, and content aggregation serve to illustrate the need for ongoing communication and the value of building and maintaining relationships with key influencers. Ultimately, the book concludes by suggesting that PR’s incremental approach will yield measurable results over time. Utilizing traditional PR methods and tools to drive greater awareness, loyalty, and brand credibility will result in a significant return on investment.

Content marketing for PR: How to establish brand visibility in the digital age, where the only people standing between you and a successful business are your customers? Be your own media agency and tell your stories in your unique voice like a PR specialist! Now we live in an increasingly digital, multimedia world where people tell others about you and your products, everywhere they go. The only way you can truly succeed in marketing is to be seen by as many potential customers as possible.

Content marketing for PR can also include contests and giveaways. People love free stuff, and your brand will get free advertising in exchange for their participation in the contest or giveaway. If the prize is worth the cost of production, your brand can benefit from content marketing for PR. As long as the prize is useful to your target audience, it is an excellent opportunity to use content to strengthen your PR campaign. Contests and giveaways can go a long way towards promoting your brand and increasing your customer base.

Content marketing for PR online is more than just throwing up a website. It is about getting your brand out there in a meaningful way that is timely and engaging. There is no point in creating content for PR that has no real value to your audience; on the contrary, it is imperative to make sure that the content you create is tailored to what your target audience is looking for.