This week, content experience platform (CXP) Contentstack debuted their Automation Hub, a no-code composable architecture tool.

What it does. The Automation Hub simplifies, on the front end, the deployment of composable architectures used for content creation in building digital experiences for customers.

Instead of having to write code to integrate content from different sources and vendors, the Automation Hub allows marketers to pull everything together and build full content experiences using a visual UX without code.

Marketplace. Additionally, the Connect without Compromise program combines the Automation Hub with Contentstack’s Blueprints (a library of best practices and guides for composable experiences) and the recently launched Marketplace.

The Marketplace serves as a hub for vendor partners, providing extensions and integration apps. For instance, marketers can get easy integrations here with BigCommerce, Cloudinary and Algolia. With this cross-vendor support, businesses can tailor their own approach to building experiences using modular “blocks” of content.

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Why we care. If you’re any kind of consumer brand, transformation means adapting and scaling a fresh digital experience. At this point, it’s guaranteed that your top competitors are already doing this, driving customer demands and expectations much higher than they were just a year or two ago.

Since organizations are different, Contentstack has opened up their marketplace and easy cross-vendor support to make the transformation possible for businesses who’ve used different vendors in the past, and have different goals with their content creation. The no-code Automation Hub environment adds flexibility so a larger group of creatives, marketers and IT pros can work efficiently together to launch a new digital experience quickly.

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