A story well told lights up the same parts of the brain as if we experienced it directly.  That’s powerful.  But telling me to use stories and showing lots of examples is like expecting me to pick up a foreign language by watching a foreign language movie.   I need a lot more specific instruction and guidance.  Osmosis won’t cut it.

Our joint report with NextAfter (get it here for free) provides some of this needed guidance like the five nuggets below.

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The Copy Optimizer gives you more of what you need, specific guidance tailored to your copy.

Here is an example of a good and bad story score for the same organization, American Humane.  You can see the low story score on the right has more diagnostic guidance – those rectangles between the copy and the objective scores.

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It’s time to put our storytelling desire and need on equal footing with our storytelling capability.  The Copy Optimizer is a way to start bridging that gap.


P.S.  Want to see more of the report and examples?  Download for free, here.