When you look at it through the eyes of a professional marketer, you can see how Mario Pricken’s Creative Advertising For Dummies can be of big help in achieving your goals. What can this book really do for you? 

Dreamteam: a framework for effective creative performance 

Dreamteam: harness your ideas like an expert. From the short to the long term goal.

Creative Adapter: identifies your idea’s viability 

  1.  Find a profitable partner for your idea 
  2. Market to your potential partner 
  3.  Work together to ensure your partnership’s success   
  4. Define your profit and loss statement
  5. Develop financial forecasts 
  6.  Analyze exit strategy and funding sources. 
  7.  Develop your compensation plan
  8. Define customer profiles
  9. Come up with an action plan to achieve your revenue goals.
  10. Make a mission statement for your company

 Learn from the best in the business: Advertising professionals have their own methods, but they all have one thing in common. They believe in what they’re doing. That’s why they include a chapter on marketing in their book.

Michael Kaiser is a marketing analyst. He has authored numerous books on marketing, branding, and advertising. This is not his first book or even his first marketing book. His first book was titled Marketing Theory: A Practical Approach. I enjoyed reading his review of The Creative Advertising Managers.

I think The Creative Advertising Managers is a very good read for people who already have a basic understanding of marketing and advertising. However, if you’re a neophyte I would suggest reading another book by this same author, preferably a more advanced book. This book covers exactly what you would expect to read on the subject. However, I feel that the basic concepts presented in this book are extremely useful to those marketing professionals already involved in their field.

This is my third book review of The Creative Advertising Managers by Michael Kaiser. I really enjoyed this book. It contained a lot of very practical advice that I could put to use immediately. If you’ve worked in advertising, especially creative advertising, then this book is definitely for you. If you’re a neophyte, then this book might interest and inspire you. It’s a quick read, but a very helpful one.

This book is a quick read with solid information. Mario Pricken has always been a student of marketing and advertising, and he gives you practical tips and techniques that you can implement right away. In this book review, I’ll give you the short version.

I liked the organization of the book. It starts off with an introduction explaining who you are and how creative advertising works. Then comes a description of the different types of media available for advertising and some definitions. The chapters cover basic concepts like images, video, print, audio, and Internet marketing.

I found the descriptions of advertising processes interesting. There are several pages on choosing the right media. There are also several pages on what you should do before you start.

The book ends with several case studies to help you get started with your advertising campaign. It will get you started with a good idea and explain how you can turn that idea into a successful ad campaign. It’s not a great book just for brainstorming creative ideas, but it’s a very helpful primer. There are more advanced chapters on marketing theory and creative branding ideas. However, if you need some quick and dirty advertising tips I would suggest reading this book.