Hey Reddit fam –

I work for a client that wants an intuitive and customizable CRM to manage clients and log a variety of different “actions” (call, email, etc). I suspect we’ll load our own firms into the system, and I don’t care about leads and opportunities. We’re not using a CRM to sell/market, if that makes sense.

The client sends out research via email as well, so a crm that hooks into a reputable email template system is really important. The content will be mostly text with some basic branding, with potentially a link to a full report/PDF. Ideally, we’re able to “subscribe” a client to our email research product, allowing us to manage who receives it from the CRM.

Any good options out there that come to mind? I don’t think we want to explore Salesforce as that seems to be heavy on the prospect/lead gen side. Willing to pay for the right system here.

Thank you!

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