Looking for some suggestions on the best CRM to achieve what I need.

I want a CRM system that allows the following:

  1. Leads come in through the website form.
  2. Lead is stored inside CRM.
  3. We want to distribute these leads to paying clients.

Clients will pay for leads in their location, so let’s say they order 50 leads per week, I want to distribute the leads to clients based on the location the lead is from. Clients will not have their own user account within the CRM, they won’t have access. When they sign up, they’ll tell us which communication method they want in regards to reciving leads, which could be a simple email or API to their own CRM.

My thoughts are this might need something custom but would love a CRM that has functionality like this.

I had a look at Pipedrive and might get a trial – anyone had experience with this?

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