CTV has become the dominant platform globally for video ad impressions according to a new report from Innovid, the independent linear, CTV and digital advertising and measurement platform. The report was based on an analysis of almost 300 billion video ad impressions on the Innovid platform (covering  North America, EMEA, LATAM, and APAC).

While video ad impressions saw YoY increases on all devices, CTV grew at twice the rate of mobile and desktop, ultimately accounting for some 46% of global video ad impressions. This is the first time CTV has out-performed mobile. North America had the largest share of CTV impressions by region.

Why we care. We are witnessing the fascinating convergence of two trends. In July 2021, Jeff Green, CEO of The Trade Desk, described CTV as the most effective vehicle for advertising ever created: “We’re going to take the moving picture and sound, and combine that with the ability to leverage data to personalize who’s receiving that. And because it is fragmented, in a beautiful way, it is not monopolizable. It can’t be owned by any one company.”

Looks like he was on the money. We’ve also recently seen subcription-based streaming services start to struggle, both because of the bewildering proliferation of content and a general tightening of budgets. Switching to ad-based revenue models seems an obvious answer.

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Other statistics from the report. Viewers tolerate dynamic creative campaigns better than standard pre-roll. There was a 32% increase YoY in advanced creative and it earned more seconds of attention from viewers. The use of QR codes continued to grow, generating high intent from audiences. U.S. CTV campaigns reached, on average around 9% of the 95 million households served by Innovid, signalling much room for growth.

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