Debbie Millman's Brand Thinking Book Review

Debbie Millman has a new book called Brand Thinking: Crafting an Image and a Brand Identity. She is a New York Times Best Selling novelist, speaker, and marketing consultant. In this book, she teaches you how to think about branding and other noble Pursuits. She will teach you how to think about yourself, what you want others to think about you, and how others will view your brand identity. You learn how to brand yourself through stories and how to brand yourself through being real.

Now, we live in a world where over one hundred brand names of bottled water are available. In fact, the United States alone is home to more than 45,000 unique shopping malls. And there are nearly nineteen million customized drink options. A barista could whip up at your average Starbucks. There are even food options! Debbie Millman does an amazing job teaching you how to identify with others by creating a persona that resembles you yet different enough to be original.

In this book, you’ll meet some exciting people, including some people you may not have met before. As you move through the steps of developing a brand identity, you’ll meet all kinds of people, from environmentalists to free-market fundamentalists to branding professors. The thing that really interests me, other than the way it helps me think, is how it changes my behavior. For example, when I think about myself or think about a brand, I stop procrastinating, and I start taking immediate action. The book reviews say that Brand Thinking will change your behavior because it forces you to be “active, engaged, and imaginative.” This is one of the things I love about Brand Thinking.

In her new book Brand Thinking, Debbie Millman delves deep into the concept of brand psychology. According to this theory, what we think of often becomes our reality. Thus, we attract products and companies that share values like fairness, friendliness, and niceness. Brand Thinking helps you uncover your hidden beliefs about yourself and others.

Brand Thinking and Other Noble Pursuits explores how brand names influence perceptions of ourselves and others. Today, we live in a globalized, virtual world where people from different countries and cultures communicate every day. The Internet has also brought about globalization, and the seemingly endless flow of information is arguably the biggest thing to happen to our culture in the last century. So how do you carve out a unique place for yourself? How do you create a powerful reputation that comes from being “one of a kind?”

Brand Thinking and Other Noble Pursuits offers fresh insights into how brands create meaning and influence consumer behaviors. What happens when you wear red shoes? You feel more motivated to go to the gym and work out. When you’re wearing a watch, you know you’re physically sound. And when you think of Starbucks, you associate that with upscale, caffeinated coffee. This book explores how brands shape our experiences.

I like that Brand Thinking and Other Noble Pursuits do not resolve cultural divides or political debates. Rather, the authors focus on what’s important to each individual. The book will help you identify your unique brand characteristics and determine if those characteristics are important to you and your customers. Perhaps most importantly, it will help you decide whether those characteristics are important enough to create a brand identity that can endure the test of time.

I believe that if you learn what makes a brand stand out from the crowd, then you’ll enjoy using it every day. If you don’t learn what makes a brand a good choice for you, then you’re doomed to fail with any brand you choose. It doesn’t matter if you’re a mom who’s trying to run her own coffee shop or a man who’s designing clothes for his own clothing line. The same principle applies.